1970’s: The Techni-Color Dream Coat

GingerSnaps 1970's Coat of Colors 1

Today, Alyona is back to show off the last installment of my coverage of the 1970’s. For my final 1970’s inspired OOTD, I had to feature two of my favorite pieces from the hippy era.  The first is an incredible vintage jumpsuit by Bill Blass (from Wish List Vintage in Boston).  Bill Blass was a coveted designer of the 60’s and 70’s.  His classic designs still resonate today making pieces like this one very difficult to find.  The jumpsuit came with a matching silk jacket covered in large, red poppies– a perfect look for summer!  Gretchen at Wish List Vintage also (reluctantly) sold me the incredible chubby red fox fur stole featured in the last post; if you haven’t had a chance, check out the 1970’s OOTD here.  Thanks for parting with this amazing piece, Gretchen!  The second of my 70’s favorites featured in todays OOTD is an EPIC multi-color coat from The House of Findings.  This full-length, patchwork coat reminds me the 70’s musical sensation, “Jospeh and the Techni-Color Dream Coat”.

Alyonas’ earrings and purse are both vintage. Her red beaded necklace is from Forever 21.  My over-the-top sunglasses are by Prada; the large, blue crystal embellishments give them a very “Viva Las Vegas” feel. The shoes are also Prada; they were an incredible birthday gift last year from a special friend :).  Is there anything better than being gifted beautiful shoes??

When I styled this look, I knew the retro winnabego was the perfect place to shoot this look.  The winnebago actually provides the seating for a really hip Mexican joint down the street from my apartment. Thanks for this incredible capture, Eraj Asadi!

Outfit Details:

Coat: Vintage circa 1970’s

Jumpsuit:Vintage Bill Blass circa 1970’s from Wish List Vintage

Sunglasses: Prada (Available for purchase here.)

Necklace: Forever 21

Earrings: Vintage circa 1960’s

Purse: Vintage circa 1960’s

Shoe: Prada (Similar available here.)


Photography: Eraj Asadi, http://500px.com/erajkasadi;

Styling: Karen Weaver, www.Ginger-Snap.com;

Model: Alyona Aly, @alyona_aly_

GingerSnaps 1970's Coat of Colors 1

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