A Halloween Inspiration Collaboration with The Fairmont Hotels!

Clown Halloween No Mark

Today I am going to do something a bit out of the ordinary and share a sneak peek of all of the Halloween inspired looks, past and future (yet-to-be-posted).  I will be sharing more specific details about how I styled these looks over the next few days, but I decided to share a sneak-peek early so you can get your Halloween on, if you haven’t already.

In addition, I am excited to share this post as the first of a collaboration with The Fairmont Hotels.  If you happen to be in San Francisco this weekend, check out the Halloween Event they are holding at their beautiful San Francisco location (link with info below).  While I won’t be able to attend in the flesh, I am sharing in the excitement with these photos of how Ginger does Halloween Fabulous–Get Excited!

Click HERE for more info on The Fairmont Hotel San Francisco Halloween Party  (Special Thanks to Jenna and the Fairmont team for including me in this feature!)

The Fashion Super Hero and The Burlesque Dancer 

Photo Credit: Lelanea Fulton, @Lelanea Model: Maria King

GingerSnaps Fashion Super Hero 1 2

GingerSnaps Fashion Super Hero 1

The David Bowie Super Hero

Photo Credit: George Evan @GeorgeEvanPhoto Model: @MissSabado

GingerSnaps Halloween Super Hero 2

The Joker Meets The Circus Clown

Photo Credit: Steven, aHUMANad.com @aHUMANad

Clown Halloween No Mark

GingerSnaps Halloween Clown 1 2

GingerSnaps Halloween Clown 1

Alice in Wonderland and The Mad Hatter

Photo Credit: Chris Bowers, RainDropStudio.com



Disney Princesses Alice and Cinderella

Photo Credit: Chris Bowers, RainDropStudio.com


Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Photo Credit: Chris Bowers, RainDropStudio.com



Sexy Skeleton

Photo Credit: Chris Knight, @ChrisKnightPhoto

GingerSnaps Halloween OOTD Skeleton 1

Sexy Retro Flight Attendants

Photo Credit: Chris Knight, @ChrisKnightPhoto

GingerSnaps Halloween Inspired OOTD  22

GingerSnaps Halloween Inspired OOTD Flight Attendant 1

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