A Vintage Gaultier Coat called The “Va-Jacket” and More OOTD Inspiration from London

London Tower Bridge 3

Earlier this year, I covered the Gautltier Haute Couture Show from Paris Couture Week.  Gaultier has always been one of my favorites, so I had to see the Gaultier Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.  True to form, I waited until the very last day, but it was totally worth it!

Of course I had to wear Gaultier to Gaultier, who would dream of wearing anything else?? Lucky for me, I was gifted this crazy vintage Gaultier Coat for Christmas– problem solved :).  Lucky for you, I also took the coat along to London for some shooting with Miss Gemma.

My roommate coined the coat the “Va-Jacket”.  I’ll let you figure out why for yourself :)  The lovely Gemma van Dyken was along for the shoot, so you get to take in more of her fabulous style as well.  Here we go!

OOTD Details

London Tower Bridge 3

photo 2

London Bridge Gaultier 1

photo 1

photo 3


London Tower Bridge 8

London Tower Bridge 5

photo 2

London Tower Bridge 7
London Tower Bridge 4

Designers and Details:

On Ginger:

Coat: Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier

Hat: Vintage

Earrings: Vintage

Bracelet: Vintage 

Tights: H&M

Boot: Zara

Handbag: MCM

On Gemma:

Feather Bolero: TopShop

Dress: Posh Mark (?) **

Necklace: Loft Ann Taylor

Earrings: Forever21

Rings: Vintage from Boston **

Tights: TopShop

Shoe: TopShop


Photography by: Andrew Herbertson, @andyherbyphoto www.AndyHerbyPhotography.com

Styling by: Ginger, www.Ginger-Snap.com

Model: Gemma Van Dyken


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