Around the World Wednesdays: African Massai Tribal Jewelry + The Launch of the #TripleXXX Collaboration

Farrah Massai 4

Today I am sharing the first from a series of outfits I styled as part of a triple collaboration with myself, Modern Vice Shoes, and Miss Sabado: #triplexxx .  This collaboration came to be through my dear friend Farrah, aka Miss Sabado, who is not just the model for this shoot, but is also a DJ, Singer/Songwriter, Designer Extraordinaire.  This past summer, after meeting her boyfriend (who is the designer behind the incredible Modern Vice shoes) we decided that our energies were meant to be combined and, thus, the #triplexxx collaboration was born.

Today’s outfit is part of my “Around the World Wednesdays” series and features incredible Massai Tribal Jewelry from Africa.  I acquired this jewelry from my dear friend Mayra at The House of Findings. Mayra and her husband Biorn, a professor of anthropology, collect pieces like these from all over the world.  I am so grateful to be the benefactor of so many of these precious pieces.  In addition to the African jewelry, Miss Sabado is also carrying a bag that was handwoven by artisans in Colombia.  This bag was a very special gift from the family of a Colombian ex-boyfriend.  While I have many beautiful handbags in my closet, this bag is, without a doubt, the one that is complimented the most.  I love how all of the global accessories in this outfit come together so well, despite their having come from various parts of the world.

The best part about these accessories, though?  How incredibly they compliment the Harley Marley Feather Boots by Modern Vice.  From the moment I first saw the Harley Marley boot, I knew I HAD to have it.  In a last minute decision, I had Jordan (the designer behind Modern Vice) rush a pair of these fabulous boots for me to take to Burning Man.  As an artist, he must have cringed when he got the order; Burning Man is held in the Black Rock Desert in VERY harsh conditions that would almost certainly ruin these beautiful boots.  But, true to his amazing nature, Jordan only replied to my request with his answer to everything, “Whatever you want!”.  (This is how I KNOW that he is the PERFECT man for my girlfriend, Miss Sabado.)  Below, I included a picture of the boots pre and post Burning Man; they survived, but just barely…  Thanks to Jordan, they are currently being restored to their pre-Burning Man condition– can’t wait to have my ruby slippers back on my feet!

To get your own pair of Harley Marley Boots, click the link below:

Harley Marley Feather Boots

Outfit Details:

Top: Vintage circa 1980’s

Bikini Bottom: Jean Paul Gaultier for La Perla

Choker: Massai Tribal Jewelry from Africa

Necklace: Massai Tribal Jewelry from Africa

Tassel Necklace: TopShop

Wrist Cuff: Massai Tribal Jewelry from Africa

Bag: Handmade in Colombia

Boot: Modern Vice Harley Marleys


Photography: George Evan, @GeorgeEvanPhoto

Styling: Karen Weaver, @GingerSnapsNYC

Model: Farrah Sabado, @MissSabado

Thanks to @ModernVice for supplying the incredible Boots!

Farrah Massai 4

Farrah Massai Edit

Farrah Massai Edit 3


Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 3.17.12 PMPicMonkey Collage


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