Around the World Wednesdays: African Safari OOTD

GingerSnaps African Safari OOTD 1

Today, for Around the World Wednesday, I am sharing my take on an African Safari OOTD.  While the overall look has the feel of an African Safari, it features global pieces from several different parts of the world.  The embroidered poncho I am wearing belted as a top is from Mexico.  I cinched the Mexican poncho in with a gold plate belt from H&M and paired it with riding pants from the Victorian-Era.  I LOVE the unique shape of these vintage, cropped pants.

Most of the jewelry I am wearing is from different parts of Africa.  The two necklaces and wrist cuff with smaller micro-beads are from the Massai Tribe in Kenya.  The necklace with the larger beads is from Morocco.  You might remember the Massai Jewelry from THIS previous post of Miss Sabado in Massai for the #TripleXXX Collaboration.  I chose to pair two gold cuffs and gold earrings alongside the authentic tribal jewelry.

Finally, I completed the Safari Look with a purse that takes the shape of an Elephant and a red, wide-brimmed hat.  Part of Kate Spades last Spring Collection, I love how the leather of this novelty handbag folds over to give it a “fractal”, geometric feel.  My favorite detail, however, is the long clasp on the zipper that is made to look like the elephants tail!  Rather than the typical safari hat, I chose my own wide-brimmed version in a bright red hue.  To see another way I styled this incredible hat, CHECK OUT THIS Part Summer, Part Fall OOTD I styled last Fall.

Outfit Details:

Poncho (Worn as a Top): Vintage Global from Mexico

Riding Pant: Vintage circa Victorian Era

Hat: Vintage circa 1980’s

Earrings: Unknown

Necklaces: (Top) Global from Massai Tribe in Kenya (Middle) Global from Morocco (Bottom) Global from Massai Tribe in Kenya

Ring: Forever 21

Beaded Cuff: Global from Massai Tribe in Kenya

Wrist Cuffs (All): Forever 21

Belt: H&M

Purse: Kate Spade

Boots: TopShop


Photography: Chris Knight, @ChrisKnightPhoto

Styling: Karen Weaver, @GingerSnapsNYC

GingerSnaps African Safari OOTD 1

GingerSnaps African Safari OOTD 5

GingerSnaps African Safari OOTD 2

GingerSnaps African Safari OOTD 7

GingerSnaps African Safari OOTD 8

GingerSnaps African Safari OOTD 6

GingerSnaps African Safari OOTD 4

GingerSnaps African Safari OOTD 3

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