Around the World Wednesdays: Amish Country

GingerSnaps Blue and Purple for Fall 14

Ok, ok… I admit that I took a considerable amount of creative liberty in getting from todays OOTD to the Fashion of the Amish.  I also admit that while “Amish Fashion” doesn’t technically qualify as “global”, it does reference the clothing choices of a small set of people who I happened to have visited in Pennsylvania when I was growing up.  So, I figured, why not mix it up for this weeks “Around the World Wednesdays” post?

If you have ever encountered an Amish person, you know that, like the rest of their lives, the Fashion of the Amish is all about practicality.  The simple design and plain fabric are meant to invoke humility and distinguish the Amish people from the rest of the world.  In general, the Amish are discouraged from indulging in technology, and this extends to their dress.  For instance, buttons and straight pins are used for fastens instead of “high-tech” zippers.

Amish women and children wear dark fabrics, such as purple, blue, wine, black, and brown.  On Sundays, women typically wear a black dress with a white apron.  Their dresses are conservative, never sleeve-less, and usually hand-made from cotton fabric they purchase from stores within their community.  They fasten their dresses with straight pins or snaps, never zippers.  Amish women never cut their hair and wear it pinned back with a small hat called a “covering”.  Coverings vary within the community, but are typically white in color.  Women never leave the house without their coverings.

Amish men wear simple suits in the blackest shade of black.  Men wear suspenders and trousers without cuffs or creases.  Trousers have a buttoned flap in the front to avoid zippers.  Belts, sweaters, and neckties are forbidden.  All men wear broad-brimmed felt hats, but each group within the Amish Community has a slightly distinct shape of hat.

Now that I have explained a little more about the fundamentals of Amish dressing, you might be asking: What about today’s OOTD is Amish??  The answer is the vintage purple hat I am wearing.  Although it is in a non-traditional hue of purple, the shape is very similar to the “coverings” that Amish women wear at the back of their heads.

For my Amish-inspired OOTD, I chose to combine several pieces in hues of blue and purple; I love combining these two colors together throughout the year.  My favorite piece in todays outfit is the Vintage Purple Plaid Cape Coat.  It is unfortunately too large for me, so I am actually selling it on my eBay store– check out the details and links below.  Underneath the cape, I am wearing a vintage blue plaid cotton dress.  I love how the drop waist and pleated skirt give this dress a “school-girl” feel.  To bring it all together I chose both blue and purple accessories: a blue Dior Bag, a purple vintage hat, and purple open-toe satin shoes.

If you like todays OOTD, you’re in luck!  I have listed several of the items on my eBay store, including the wool cape and dress I am wearing in todays Amish OOTD.  Click the links below for more information :)

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Click HERE to buy Plaid School Girl Dress

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Outfit Details:

Cape Coat: Vintage circa 1960’s (Available for Purchase on

Dress: Vintage circa 1960’s (Available for Purchase from

Hat: Vintage circa 1940’s

Earrings: Vintage circa 1960’s

Necklace: Vintage circa 1960’s

Ring: Vintage circa 1970’s

Shoe: Glint


Photography: Jennifer Young, @loveislovejennifer

Styling: Karen Weaver,, @GingerSnapsNYC

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