Around the World Wednesdays: Happy Birthday USA from Boston, MA!

GingerSnaps Happy Birthday USA 4

It’s been awhile since I have posted an “Around the World Wednesday” Post where I feature various global fashion from around the world.  In honor of this past weekends holiday, todays’ Around the World Wednesday OOTD comes from the most patriotic city of them all (and my current home for the summer): Boston, MA!  I shot this look within the Boston Public Garden, one of my favorite places in the entire world.  Since Memorial Day Weekend, I have been enjoying watching hundreds of baby ducks and goslings grow up all around the tree-filled pond in the middle of the park.  I love NYC, but Central Park seriously has nothing on this beautiful garden.

Today’s Patriotic OOTD is all about the Red, White, and Blue.  I began styling this outfit by pairing a Vintage Nautical Dress from the 1960’s as a jacket over a Vintage Wool Bathing Suit from the 1920’s.  Even during the summer, in New England it is always wise to bring along a sweater for when the temperatures drop at night.  Alternately, you can layer over a polyester dress, like the one I am wearing today, as a jacket.  I love the way unbuttoned dresses look, especially when layered over shorts or rompers.

Like everything else from the 1920’s, this Wool Bathing Suit is an extremely RARE find.  When swimwear first emerged, it was often made of heavy, uncomfortable wool and commonly paired with knee-high stockings and shoes; I can’t imagine how heavy the wool material must have been when it got wet!  I have included some photos of 1920’s swimwear following todays OOTD– talk about a transformation!  Personally, I always opt to style my Wool Swimsuit as a romper instead of a bathing suit because wool is WAY too hot for sun-bathing in modern days.

Swimwear has evolved a LOT since the 1920’s.  The most popular brand of Woolen Swimsuits was Jantzen.  Their famed logo featured a woman in a red suit and cap, arched in mid-dive, popularly known as “The Jantzen Diving Girl” (pictured below).  Wool Swimsuits, like the one I am wearing today, were commonly worn by both men AND women in the 1920’s; this was due to the surprising fact that until 1936 both men AND women were forbidden to go topless and show their nipples, even at the beach.  The story goes that in 1935 a group of bare-chested male sunbathers in Atlantic City got themselves arrested while protesting the laws forbidding toplessness.  Their efforts that day lead to the liberation of the male nipple when the law was finally lifted in 1936.  It seems preposterous that women, whose nipples hold life-sustaining functionality, still struggle for this equality today.

Come on, America.  Let’s #freethenipple already.

For the balance of today’s Patriotic OOTD, I chose several nautical accessories.  Both my hat and shoes are vintage pieces from the 1960’s.  I love the red, white and blue color-blocking on the shoes– perfect with any nautical look.  My Crab Novelty Bag is by Kate Spade.  Unlike many of my other novelty bags, this one is actually large enough to hold my essentials.  Finally, I chose vintage earrings a necklace that is dripping in fish,

The core of the outfit includes two pieces that are currently FOR SALE on my eBay Shop:  The first is a Vintage Nautical Dress from the 1960’s that I am currently wearing as a summer jacket.  The second is a Vintage Wool Bathing from all the way back in the 1920’s!  These pieces are ON 25% OFF SALE until midnight tonight– hurry over to score some serious deals before it’s too late at:!

True Vintage 60s NAUTICAL DRESS Plaid Panel Long Sleeve Red White Blue Sz S

True Vintage 1920’s WOOL BATHING SUIT Navy and White Sz S

Outfit Details:

Dress (Worn as a Jacket): Vintage circa 1960’s, Buy it HERE on

Bathing Suit: Vintage circa 1920’s, Buy it HERE on

Hat: Vintage circa 1960’s

Earrings: H&M

Necklace: Vintage circa 1970’s

Crab Novelty Purse: Kate Spade

Shoe: Vintage circa 1960’s


Photography: Charlie Castro

Styling: Karen Weaver, @GingerSnapsNYC

GingerSnaps Happy Birthday USA 4

GingerSnaps Happy Birthday USA 2

GingerSnaps Happy Birthday USA 7

GingerSnaps Happy Birthday USA 5

GingerSnaps Happy Birthday USA 3

GingerSnaps Happy Birthday USA 1

GingerSnaps Happy Birthday USA 8

GingerSnaps Happy Birthday USA 9

GingerSnaps Vintage Swimsuits Jantzen

GingerSnaps Vintage 1920's Wool Bathing Suit 3

GingerSnaps Vintage 1920's Wool Bathing Suit 4

GingerSnaps Vintage 1920's Wool Bathing Suit 2

GingerSnaps Vintage 1920's Wool Bathing Suit 1

GingerSnaps Vintage 1920's Wool Bathing Suit 5

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