Around the World Wednesdays: NYFW #TBT in Asian Glam with Faustina

GingerSnaps Asian OOTD 4

This week I am sharing my Around the World OOTD on thursday because it is also a #tbt to NYFW.  One of my favorite parts about fashion week is running into other stylists like Faustina Rose.  This glamour girl is the epitome of chic.  Ironically, every time we run into each other we are wearing coordinating outfits!  I swear this is never planned, she is just my fashion soul mate and we are clearly always on the same fashion wavelength.  You may remember seeing us in coordinating outfits from this post from Fall Fashion Week last September.Last February was no exception when I ran into her in this outfit; both of us had chosen to style an outfit in red, black and gold. You may remember seeing Faustina in this post from last Fashion Week in September.

The core of this Asian inspired Global OOTD was built around an exquisite vintage 1940’s kimono from The House of Findings. By folding under the top part of an Alice and Olivia dress, I created a skirt that looks like liquid fire in the breeze.  I paired the skirt with an insane gold wire bra from La Perla and cinched it all in with my trusty Kiki de mont Parnasse belt.

My overload of accessories add pops of gold.  Starting from the top: a 1940’s hat complete with a snake slithering up the top, a red tassel necklace from TopShop, over-sized gold earrings from north Africa, vintage gold watch and bracelet, and the perfect red satin shoe.

Outfit Details:

Kimono: Vintage circa 1940’s

Bra: La Perla

Dress (worn as skirt): Alice and Olivia

Cinching Belt: Kiki de mont Parnasse

Hat: Vintage circa 1940’s

Earrings: Vintage Global Piece from Africa

Necklace: TopShop

Watch: Vintage circa 1970’s

Bracelet: Vintage circa 1950’s

Ring: Forever 21

Purse: Emmanuel Ungaro

Shoe: Unknown


Photography by: Ashleigh Cuty, Styling by: Karen Weaver

GingerSnaps NYFW Asian Glam OOTD 1

GingerSnaps Around the World Asian OOTD 4 GingerSnaps Around the World Asian OOTD 8

GingerSnaps Around the World Asian OOTD 10
GingerSnaps Around the World Asian OOTD 6

GingerSnaps Asian OOTD 4

GingerSnaps Around the World Asian OOTD 9

GingerSnaps Around the World Asian OOTD 2

GingerSnaps Asian OOTD 1 GingerSnaps Around the World Asian OOTD 7


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