Around the World Wednesdays: Sasha as a Spanish Matador


Today I’m sharing a very special Around the World Wednesday featuring the fabulous Sasha in a OOTD inspired by the matadors of Spain.  Wait, it’s not Wednesday, you say? It is in my world.  (But, seriously… where did this week go?)

You may remember Sasha from last Summers’ Bikini Series.  Lucky for you, Sasha is back in NYC from Italy and shooting again for GingerSnaps today– #yay.  A funny, behind the scenes story from this shoot with Sasha: You will not believe it, but this was actually Sashas’ first shoot EVER!  It was also the first time she had ever worn heels as she grew up in a very small town in Italy and is only 14!!  I didn’t find these things out until after the shoot when I took her for her first Mexican food.  Crazy, right?!  I immediately felt terrible for only dressing such a young girl in bikinis and making her stand in heels on one leg (see below).  Thanks for being a good sport, Sasha.

The Spanish Matador has long been one of my favorite fashion inspirations.  Every designer has covered this trend; indeed, there’s hardly a fall season that passes that some designer doesn’t do a collection based on the fabulous fashion of the Matadors.

The outfit Sasha is wearing was built around an epic, multi-color sequin bolero from the 1980’s.  You might remember another way I styled this bolero in this OOTD from NYFW a couple of years ago (I included a pic below).  I found the red bikini in Las Vegas.  I am typically anti-shopping in Vegas because clothing prices are typically marked up at least 20%; I guess that’s what you have to expect with a place that caters to an impulsive, big-spender audience.  However, this was a rare find from a Israeli designer that I just couldn’t pass up.   I accessorized Sasha with a multi-color rhinestone choker from TopShop, earrings from Forever 21, and shoes by Zara.

Outfit Details:

Sequin Bolero: Vintage circa 1980’s

Bikini: Unknown

Necklace: TopShop

Earrings: Forever 21

Shoe: Zara Collection


Photography: Chris Knight,

Styling: Karen Weaver, 

Model: Aleksandra Seragnoli






Karen Weaver GingerSnaps NYFW TBT 2

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