Around the World Wednesdays: The Flamenco Fairy from The Magical Creatures Fashion Show


Last Wednesday I shared a look inspired by the flamenco dancers of Spain as part of my “Around the World” series.  (Check it out HERE if you missed it…) Today, I am sharing a look from the Magical Creatures Fashion Show that was also inspired by the fashion of Spanish dancers: The Flamenco Fairy.

 This look begins with a gorgeous vintage beaded dress by Escada.  I wore it on my birthday a couple of years ago and it remains one of my most treasured pieces in my closet.  I love how the drop-waist and feathered bottom gives it a 1920’s feel.  In addition to the feathered-frock, this look is given its flamenco flair by the traditional headpiece called a “peineta”.  As early as the 5th century, these decorative combs made of tortoise shell were worn for weddings, religious ceremonies, and during dance performances.  I have included a few snaps of these beautiful headpieces below.

Speaking of peinetas…  At my birthday picnic this past May, the theme was “Garden Toro” (for the bull, since I am a Taurus).  I even had a hard time deciding how to dress this theme, but one person who did not was my girlfriend Diane.  Diane wore the most amazing vintage ruffled dress with a vintage tortoise shell peineta, of course.  She also made me the most amazing cake with strawberry roses (she painstakingly cut herself) and a bull…  Thanks for always being the coolest girl at the party, Diane.  Check out the highlights from the birthday party below, following todays OOTD.

Returning to the accessories of todays “Flamenco Fairy” OOTD, this fairies wings were made of wire screen to match the handmade peineta.  If you look closely, you will see that the wire of both pieces is covered in tiny, delicate keys.  Her jewelry includes a large silver cuff and vintage silver earrings, both were handmade in Mexico in the 1950’s.  Her necklace is also handmade by an artisan in Peru.  You might remember the yellow version of this necklace with leather rosettes from THIS past post where I wrapped it around my head as a 1970’s style headband.

Outfit Details:

Headpiece: Handmade by Cosmic Unicorns

Dress: Vintage Escada 1980’s does 1920’s

Wings: Handmade by Cosmic Unicorns

Necklace: Handmade in Peru

Earrings: Vintage circa 1950’s from Mexico

Cuff: Vintage Global from Mexico

Shoe: Zara


Photography: Cara DiFabio

Styling: Collaboration by Karen Weaver, and Mayra Gonzalez,

Model: Dynasty Models

GingerSnaps Magical Creature Fashion Show 45

GingerSnaps Magical Creature Fashion Show 49
GingerSnaps Magical Creature Fashion Show 50
GingerSnaps Flamenco Peineta 2

GingerSnaps Flamenco Peineta 1

GingerSnaps Flamenco Peineta 3

GingerSnaps Peineta Birthday 1

GingerSnaps Peineta Birthday 2

GingerSnaps Peineta Birthday 3



GingerSnaps Peineta Birthday 6

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