Around the World Wednesdays: Thrift Shopping in Geneva, Switzerland

GingerSnaps Floral Jumpsuit OOTD  7

Todays’ Around the World Wednesday OOTD features a thrift shop STEAL I found on a recent visit to Geneva, Switzerland.  One of my favorite vintage dealers, Mayra from The House of Findings, forewarned me of the AMAZING vintage available in Geneva.  Armed with a list of her favorites and some help from the concierge, I set off on a hunt that swept the city over and resulted in my bringing home piles of vintage gems.

One of my favorite pieces was the Red Leather Blazer by Emmanuel Ungaro featured in todays’ OOTD, styled on my beautiful friend and model, Jennifer Young.  I know I have been a broken record on this, but light leather garments, like this one, are PERFECT layering pieces for cooler, rainy summers like the one we are having in Boston this year.  Last weekend, I didn’t take my sweater of ONCE!  However, with heat indexes recently reaching 109 in LA, you can be sure I am NOT complaining– bring on the brrrrrr (so long as I have a cute leather blazer to thrown on, of course).

For todays’ OOTD, I chose to pair my magnificent thrift shop find over a sexy, summer-y jumpsuit from TopShop that is covered in bright red flowers.  Because there is so much pattern and color in this look, I kept the accessories to a minimum with a simple metal choker from Forever 21 and a pair of Christian Dior peep-toe pumps in the exact shade of bright red as my red leather blazer.

Interspersed in the pictures of todays’ OOTD, I also included a few photos of from around Geneva, especially of the gorgeous flowers that were in full bloom.  The pictures do not do the city justice, it’s unlike any other place I have ever seen.

Outfit Details:

Floral Jumpsuit: TopShop

Leather Blazer: Vintage Emmanuel Ungaro circa 1990’s

Necklace: Forever 21

Shoe: Christian Dior


Photography: Steven Bagley; @Steven_Bagley007

Styling: Karen Weaver,, @GingerSnapsNYC

Model: Jennifer Young, @loveisloveJennifer

GingerSnaps Floral Jumpsuit OOTD 1

Gingersnaps Geneva Travel Diary 6

Gingersnaps Geneva Travel Diary 3

GingerSnaps Floral Jumpsuit OOTD 3

Gingersnaps Geneva Travel Diary 11

Gingersnaps Geneva Travel Diary 9
GingerSnaps Floral Jumpsuit OOTD  7

Gingersnaps Geneva Travel Diary 2

Gingersnaps Geneva Travel Diary 8

Gingersnaps Geneva Travel Diary 12
GingerSnaps Floral Jumpsuit OOTD 6

Gingersnaps Geneva Travel Diary 7

Gingersnaps Geneva Travel Diary 4

GingerSnaps Floral Jumpsuit OOTD 2

Gingersnaps Geneva Travel Diary 5

GingerSnaps Floral Jumpsuit OOTD 5

Gingersnaps Geneva Travel Diary 14

Gingersnaps Geneva Travel Diary 13

Gingersnaps Geneva Travel Diary 1

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