Art Basel Miami: Jankele Launches a Swimwear Line at the Delano

Jankele bow Bikini Butt

Last month (seems like 10 years ago), I was privilaged to attend the launch of Jankele Swimwear in Miami during Art Basel.  The festivities were held on top of the Delano (who knew they had a rooftop?) and, let’s just say, the couture swimwear we found were nothing short of Modern Art Masterpieces.  The energy of South Beach and the elite, discerning attendees of Art Basel were the perfect backdrop to debut this avant-garde collection to the Fashion World.

Designed by Jacqueline Popovic, Jankele is a Couture Design House specializing in embellished swimwear, custom costume, and over-the-top headpieces that are TO DIE FOR! (More on the headpieces later).  I had a chance to talk to the team about the new Swimwear Line, which they describe as “Pop Couture, hand-embroidered swimwear that challenges the normal proportions of the female body.”  To achieve this, they used 21st century materials and technology for laser-cutting, shaping, and structuring.  In fact, one of the main ladies behind the design of the line has a background in mechanical engineering– No wonder these designs are so avant-garde!

The line is so heavily embellished that it’s fair to pondor, “Can you get it wet?”  In response, the team said that they expect the line to be primarily used in film and worn by the “loud tastemakers” of NYC and the world including celebrities, musicians, and well-known TV personalities.  I can only imagine which of the Real Housewives we will see donning one of these masterpieces in the upcoming year.

The line is due to officially launch in New York during Fashion Week– stay tuned for more after I get my hands on one (or five) of these beauties!  Bravo Jankele!

Below are a few snapshots of the collection as well as a video from the launch in Miami. For more on Jankele, follow the link that follows.

Eye Candy for Strangers Video

I love the opening quote of this video: “It was the least amount of clothes that you could wear in public, without getting arrested, and they got smaller and smaller like everything else in our society. And, bikinis now are dangerously close to making you become NUDE.” What’s better than being glamourous and nearly nude?  Answer: Nothing.

For more on Jankele, follow the link below.

Jankele Tumblr

Jankele Delano Swim Launch

Jankele Rosette Bikini

Jankele Swimwear Debut

Jankele Swimwear Debut 3

Jankele Swimwear Debut 2

Jankele Bikini Launch Group Shot

Jankele Bikini Launch Art Basel Miami

Jankele Bikini Top

Jankele Bikini Launch Delano

Jankele Launch Ginger Snaps Blog Jankele bow Bikini Butt


Photos from @Jankele Instagram, @delanosouthbeach Instagram, and Societe Perrier Article.

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