Birthday Tea Party at Lady Mendl’s (Part One)


A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to shoot with my beautiful friend Jeanne on her birthday!  Her party was held at Lady Mendl’s Tea Room on Irving in NYC and was the perfect alternative to the Super Bowl.  All of her guests were dressed in the most fabulous vintage-inspired outfits and donned wide-brim feather hats (ironically, part of our gifts from her… isn’t she the one who is supposed to be getting gifts?) Here are a few of the highlights from the bash…

Set within a NYC brownstone-turned-Bed-and-Breakfast from the 1800’s, Lady Mendl’s Tea Room is one of the few places in the city to serve a proper high tea.  Both of the hosts I met at the front desk were absolutely delightful and the entire experience had me drifting back to another time.  The decor highlights were an organ-turned-book shelf, antique lamps, and brightly colored table setting.





My favorite piece of decor was this beautiful gold-painted sink in the washroom.  As the gentleman at the front desk said, “You don’t find THAT in Home Depot.”


Jeanne has the most eclectic, chic bunch of lady-friends in the city.  Not to be forgotten was her honorary lady-friend, Ian, who arrived in a bow-tie riding a bike– too perfect.




Our gift bags were full of fun treats including feathered-hats and mustaches of course. The hats reminded us of Pamela Anderson for some reason…  Jeanne even had a bird on hers in honor of the hysterical viral video, “Put a Bird on It”.  If you haven’t seen it, watch it here:








Ian has a real mustache, but that didn’t keep him from attaching a mustache for his mustache… how meta.  Jeanne even gifted him a mustache comb, did you know these exist??



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