Blue and Green for Spring: Fur and Leather for Spring and Summer

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This week, I am sharing several looks that show how Blue and Green are PERFECT for Spring! For my first Blue and Green OOTD, I am enlisting the help of my gorgeous girlfriend, Alexa.  Todays’ look features fur and leather that you can wear from the freezing cold days of early Spring all the way through the heat of Summer.

Todays Blue and Green OOTD features a stunning Royal Blue Fox Fur Vest that was gifted to me by a friend who is also the man behind its label, Truth and Pride. (Thanks a million, Ken!)  Ken also co-created the label “Lamb” many years ago with designer and singer Gwen Stefani.  Lamb is one of my FAVORITE labels of all time, especially in its early years.  Gwen Stefani is one of the few musical artists who had just as much talent (if not more) for designing clothes.  While they have since sold the label, Gwen Stefani remains a style icon I watch, year after year.

Fur vests are perfect for spring.  In early Spring they can easily be layered over a leather jacket (as shown here), giving just enough additional warmth to relieve you from wearing your bulky winter coat.  In the later days of Spring and into Summer, fur vests can be thrown on over light, sleeveless dress and tops to add texture, while giving some protection to your shoulders from the sun.  For more about how to wear leather and fur in the Spring and Summer, check out THIS POST HERE on the topic.

Alexa has one of those insane hourglass bodies that you just want to see all of your clothes on so you can see how “it’s supposed to look.”  I find fur vests one of the most difficult trends to style because I do not have the “ideal body-type” for fur vest wearing.  While everyone CAN pull off a fur vest, proper execution depends largely on your shape.

Unlike Alexa, I wasn’t blessed with stick-thin arms. Fur Vests are voluminous by nature, hiding the midsection and, thus, making the arms the first focal point.  If I wear them over my bare arms, they make me appear to have a larger midsection than I actually do.  Instead, I typically opt to wear fur vests over a loose-fitting silk blouse to disguise my arms.  Since I do have skinny legs, I make sure to pair a slim-cut pant to counter the added volume of the vest.

On the other hand, if you are blessed with thin arms like Alexa, you can layer fur vests over just about anything and look just as stunning when you pair them with tight or loose-fitting trousers.

For today, I chose to style the fur vest over a lighter blue leather jacket and pair them with all green accessories.  Her army green bracelet of “bullets” is actually her own, which she wore to the shoot; it was so unique, I just had to include it in this look.  She is wearing two green necklaces, one which is made from vintage green glass.  Her green vintage earrings are from the 70’s and are made from jade. The final touches are an over-sized, green vintage crocodile bag and a show-stopping green bootie by Alexander McQueen.  These booties were a sample made for one of McQueens shows that I have nicknamed “The Franken-Shoe” because of their green color and and black stitching.

My Blue and Green OOTD today is particularly special because it includes not one, but TWO incredible pieces that are available for sale on my eBay store,!!

First, to purchase the incredible Fur Vest in the *rarest* Royal Blue hue:


Second, to get your hands on the ONE OF A KIND Sample Booties by Alexander McQueen, aka “The Franken-Shoe”:


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OOTD Details:

Blue Fox Vest: Truth and Pride, BUY IT HERE on

Blue Leather Jacket: Willow

Pant: Joyce Leslie

Necklaces: (Top) Green Glass Art Deco, Vintage circa 1960’s, (Bottom) Unknown Indy Designer from Manhattan Beach, CA

Bullet Bracelet: Mall Stand

Earrings: Vintage circa 1970’s

Crocodile Handbag, Vintage circa 1970’s

Shoe: Alexander McQueen “Franken-Shoe”, BUY IT HERE on


Photography: Chris Knight,

Styling: Karen Weaver, @GingerSnapsNYC

Model: Alexa Rose










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