Blue and Green for Spring: Why The 1960’s Maxi-Dress is My Favorite for Spring

GingerSnaps Spring in Blue and Green 3

This past weekend while visiting NYC, I was discussing with my girlfriend how perfect 1960’s Polyester Maxi-Dresses are for those cooler, rainy Spring days we have been having a lot of recently.  Ironically, it just so happens that I styled this girlfriend, Jeanne, in a Blue and Green Vintage Polyester Maxidress.  Since this week is all about pairing the colors Blue and Green, I figured it was a perfect time to share this look.

I could list a million reasons why Vintage Polyester Maxi-Dresses are the perfect piece for Spring.  Polyester built a bad rep on its lack of breathability.  Polyester was the first fabric that was 100% synthetic.  While being cheap to manufacture and easy to clean, the complete lack of natural fibers prevents the skin underneath from being able to breathe.  But, while it is too hot for mid-summer heat, it is ideal for rainy weather like we have been having this summer, when the temperature is on the cooler side.  It gives just enough warmth and dries almost instantaneously when you get caught in a summer downpour.  Thanks to its stretch, Polyester is also unbelievably comfortable; its forgiving of figure and allows for unrestricted movement. A last bonus is that Polyester never fades, preserving the full splendor of the colorful, psychedelic patterns popular in 1960’s vintage pieces, like Jeannes’ Maxi-Dress today I am sharing today.

Todays’ Blue and Green for Spring OOTD is built around the Psychedelic Mod Maxi-Dress.  I am a huge fan of long dresses; I find that I get 4X the compliments from both men and women when I wear dresses with a floor-length hem.  I recently packed mostly long dresses and skirts while visiting the scantily-clad city of Miami; I was surprised to receive endless compliments about how sexy my outfits were!  I guess there really is something to say for leaving a little (or a lot) to the imagination…

I chose to accessorize this statement printed dress with equally as statement accessories.  The purse is one of my go-to’s for both spring and fall.  Despite the blue tone of the leather, this Tory Burch bag is surprisingly versatile thanks to its gold plating.  The next two accessories are both gifts that were bought back from street fairs abroad!  The jade bracelet was a gift to me from my beautiful friend Lisette from her hubby’s travels in Turkey.  The hair-bow was gifted to Jeanne from a Japanese street market.  Don’t you just love quirky international finds?  The final touch are Dolce and Gabbana teal leopard pumps. The bright teal color gives the otherwise classic shape and print just the right amount of edge.  Check out more on how I do Leopard in my styling HERE.

OOTD Details:

Dress: Vintage circa 1960’s

Bracelet: (Top) Vintage circa 1950’s, (Bottom) Gift from Turkish Street Market

Earring: Vintage circa 1950’s

Hair Piece: Gift from Japanese Street Market

Clutch: Tory Burch

Shoe: Dolce and Gabbana


Photography: Chris Knight, @ChrisKnightPhoto

Styling: Karen Weaver, @GingerSnapsNYC

Model: Jeanne Cho, @JeanneCho










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