Breaking Fashion Rules (Part Two): A Ruffled Black and Brown OOTD

GingerSnaps Black and Brown OOTD 2

Today I am sharing another example of the Rule-Breaking Trend of combining Black and Brown.  This OOTD also includes another trend for this Spring: Ruffles.  Despite having an inherent, innocent allure, Ruffles are a trend that are surprisingly sexy; there is definitely something provocative about a woman dressed in fashion typically only worn by little girls.  I have been rocking the ruffle trend since I was a little girl.  Every Sunday my mother dressed me up in giant ruffled dresses with matching bonnets and ruffled bloomers.  I’m told that I liked the ruffles on my underwear so much that I would go to the bathroom and turn them around so the ruffles were on the front where I could see them.  This made me particularly popular at church, as essentially turned my ruffled bloomers into a thong.  Much to my mothers chagrin, modesty was never my strong point; from that point on, she and my grandmother had to sew ruffles onto the front AND back of my bloomers to keep me from exposing myself to the congregation.

A few years ago, while in Asia, I noticed the Japanese obsession with doll-like, cartoonish trends.  Grown women and teenagers alike were all dressed up like dolls.  The “school-girl” look has always had a place in fashion; after all, who can forget the sexy school-girl costumes worn by Britney Spears in her debut music video, “Hit me Baby, One More Time”?  Under-age dressing, like ruffles and school-girls, are trends that never lose their sex appeal, no matter how many times it is done.  Following today’s Ruffled Black and Brown OOTD, I included my version of the “school-girl” look from a themed party a few years back :)

For today’s Ruffled Black and Brown OOTD, I chose to pair a vintage brown wool skirt by Louis Feraud with a black ruffled deep-v top.  I love the detailing on the vintage Louis Feraud skirt I am wearing, particularly the leather detailing above the pockets.  The ruffled top is actually a vintage teddy from the 80’s, that I turned into a plunging top!  I also love to layer this type of lace-y teddies and bustiers under blazers for nights when I head out straight from the office.

If you love the skirt I am wearing, you are in luck!  BUY IT HERE on my eBay Store:!

My accessories include a vintage brown bag I found at Buffalo Exchange, and two-t0ned brown shoes by Louis Vuitton.  You can check out another way I styled these Louis Vuitton Show Shoes in my recent Christmas Styling Post HERE.

The final touch of warmth in today’s OOTD, is a black coat by Mara Hoffman for Intermix.  A funny anecdote about the coat:  My first year in New York City, my best friend Maria got the same coat in Camel from Intermix for her birthday.  A few weeks later, I was shopping for a much-needed black winter coat.  After trying on every other style I could find, the only one I liked was, of course, THIS one!  I took the risk of the ultimate fashion faux-pas and bought the copy-cat coat.  True, I committed the ultimate “No-No” in Fashion, but how could she blame me?  Imitation is the best form of flattery, after all!

Outfit Details:

Coat: Mara Hoffman for Intermix

Blouse: Vintage Teddy circa 1980’s

Skirt: Vintage Louis Feraud circa 1950’s (Buy it HERE on

Scarf: Vintage circa 1920’s

Earrings: Vintage circa 1940’s

Belt: Rugby by Ralph Lauren

Handbag: Vintage circa 1970’s

Tights: Legg’s

Shoes: Louis Vuitton


Photography: Chris Knight, @ChrisKnightPhoto

Styling: Karen Weaver, @GingerSnapsNYC

GingerSnaps Black and Brown OOTD 2

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