InstaStyle: Bringing Back the Brooch


Today I want discuss a trend I find to be grossly UNDER-rated in every day fashion: the timelessness and polish of a BROOCH.

The eBay fairy did not disappoint today as I found a beautiful vintage brooch included as a “gift” with my purchase of nine pairs of vintage earrings. (Check out the eBay store by seller: sekoppcollins)  Never underestimate the final details in dressing such as pinning a brooch to your lapel.  Your grandmother did it, your mother did it, and they landed men like your father.  Clearly, they were doing something right.  See below for some insta-ration :)

Also, check out my “Brooch Board” on Pinterest here:

First up, the classic pinning of a brooch to your lapel can only be made better by pinning multiple brooches to your lapel.  This is also a great way to hide a broken or missing stone because you can literally pile another broach on top of it to disguise.



Lapels aren’t the only place to pin a brooch, attaching them to your jean shorts dresses up your most comfortable pair.




I also like the unexpected placement of a brooch on the back of a dress.  The sequins on this 1960’s wiggle dress can be difficult to accessorize without going over the top, but a simple, glittery brooch added to the back is just enough.




This concludes todays Beauty Briefing.  You’re welcome.

First Look: Jacket: Zara, Brooches: Vintage, Necklace: Forever 21

Second Look: Jean Short: Zara, Brooches: Vintage, Lucite Clutch: Vintage from eBay seller: buch55250

Third Look: Dress: Vintage from eBay seller: *mom*, Brooch: Vintage from eBay seller: devindman93