Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


Some hot, summer days necessitate lounging around like a cat, on your hot tin rooftop, wearing nothing but a sheer dress, some lingerie, and sky-high heel-less platforms.  It was on a day like this last summer, that I first had the pleasure to meet and shoot with Eraj Asadi.  When I first saw these resulting pictures, I wasn’t sure how I felt about them.  Eraj likes to photograph his models in ways that they haven’t been captured before.  At first, the pictures felt awkward; I almost look like Superman in one of them.  But over time, I have grown to enjoy these photos immensely.  Perhaps, I had never seen myself look so powerful before.  It took some getting used to, but as a result, I have learned to love myself and the way I look in a whole new way.  (Thanks, Eraj.)

Today’s outfit involves very little, but has a lot to say.  While the fashion in today’s post is sexy and impractical, I think it is an important look to share, because it opens up a conversation about inequality there is in censorship of nipples.  This conversation has been a recent hot topic due to social media platforms, like Instagram, banning the exposing of female breasts. My girlfriend (and famed erotic photographer), Reka Nyari, started a campaign called,  “My Body Belongs to Me”, a few years ago.  The campaign features various women of all shapes and sizes photographed topless with strongly worded messages written across their chests.  It was designed to bring attention to the over-arching issue with nipple censorship: female body shaming. While it may not be as important a topic as equal pay, you cannot deny that inequality still exists in a country where there remains a double-standard on things as silly as exposing your NIPPLES.  (I included a picture from the “My Body Belongs to Me” campaign below.)

On a lighter note, my favorite response to the inequality of the social media ban on nipples has been an app that was created to allow you to censor your photos by super-imposing male nipples over your female nipples.  Clever, but seriously, in the year 2015…. Can we just grow up and #FreetheNipple already?

Today’s outfit starts with some seriously sexy lingerie.  The lingerie is actually from Love Haus, the little sister to my favorite bikini line: Beach Bunny Swimwear.  I recently featured a Beach Bunny Swimsuit in my Green Monotone Summer OOTD, which you can check out HERE.  My accessories were kept to a minimum; I am wearing an art-deco inspired necklace from TopShop paired with a brass and copper vintage choker.  The most insane thing about this outfit, however, are the crazy architectural platform shoes by Jeffrey Campbell.  Look closely, or you could miss them entirely.

Outfit Details:

Dress: All-Saints

Bra: LoveHaus by Beach Bunny Swimwear

Panty: Kiki de mont Parnasse

Earrings: Vintage circa 1950’s

Necklaces: (Top) Vintage circa 1950’s (Bottom) TopShop

Shoe: Jeffrey Campbell


Photography: Eraj Asadi,

Styling: Karen Weaver,




My Body Belongs to Me Campaign

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