Check, Please: How Louis Vuitton does the Black and White Trend

Black and White was seen checked, striped, ruffled, chevron-ed, color-blocked– you name it this past September. However, it was Louis Vuitton that captured the trend in the most iconic, yet fresh, perspective. Their decision to invoke the mod styles of the 60’s makes me certain these pieces will remain relevant for decades to come. In general, Mod fashions of the 60’s are always a worthwhile investment because their simplistic lines flatter the female frame without being overwhelmingly “sexy”. Are they feminine? Yes, in that few of the mini-skirted trends could be worn by the opposite-sex, but not because they accentuate anything that is traditionally associated with being “feminine” or “sexy”. Mod silhouettes, like a Trapeze Dress, make us question what it is that makes them so alluring. The obvious “Hip-to-Bust” proportions accentuated by a tight-fitting Wiggle Dress from the 50’s, for example, is kept hidden from view in a typical Mod Style. Instead, the onlooker has to appreciate the less-obvious, yet ever-so-feminine aspects, of a woman’s figure: their small ankles and wrists, their delicate, yet defined, jaw-line. This is why the small-framed, almost androgynous body-types of icons like Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy flourished in the styles of the 1960’s. I would argue that it was fashion that influenced their slender frames more than it was their slender-frames that influenced fashion. There is certainly irony in the fact that a loose, form-less trend requires such a disciplined, lithe frame.
Filing down the runway, 2 by 2 were the checkered fashions of the Louis Vuitton Spring Runway Show. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from this line.

louis-vuitton-rtw-ss2-2013-runway-013_114537807301louis-vuitton-rtw-ss2-2013-runway-009_114534540849louis-vuitton-rtw-ss2-2013-runway-005_114531910636louis-vuitton-rtw-ss2-2013-runway-012_114536540824Photos Courtesy of and Louis Vuitton

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