Color Coat-ed: IFB Project Has Me Craving Cooler Temps…

Red Colorful Coccoon Coat

Coats are coming in every color imaginable this Fall!  And, with temperatures finally dropping low enough to wear capes, leathers, and light wools, I intend on taking full advantage of the trend.  To get inspired, I took a dip into the Ginger Snaps archives and compiled my favorite “Colored Coat” looks from last Fall/Winter.  When I came across the most recent “Project” on, (Head over to the IFB site to make your own submission :)), I decided a late-night “COLORFUL COAT Post” was in order. Hope it gives you some inspiration and gets you in the mood for Fall…  Here we go!

First Place (if I had to pick JUST ONE) would have to be this Vintage Avant Garde Red Coccoon Coat from the 80’s.  I posted this in the very early days of Ginger Snaps Blog, but it still remains my favorite post to date.  I styled it in an “Asian” fashion over a Vintage Sequin Dress shielded by a beautiful Mandarin Umbrella.  I especially love the fringed detail on the purse from Top Shop.  For the final touches, I laced red ribbons up the back of my Black Wedges and cuffed my ears in my favorite Vintage Earrings.

You can see the full coverage of the look here in my Global Glam Post.

Red Coat Asian Inspired

Red Coccoon Coat

Red Colorful Coccoon Coat

Coming in a VERY close Second would be this “Super Hero Cape”. Believe it or not, it really does give me super powers; I always have so much energy when I wear it and I find myself running and spinning through Manhattan with it trailing behind (OK, maybe a slight exaggeration on that last part).

I recently wore the cape to the Andre Leon Talley talk at 92Y.  This time I styled it in a look I call: Twiggy Meets Schoolgirl.  I draped the cape over a Vintage Geometric Print Dress with a dropped waist and a pleated skirt. Vintage accessories again (including what my roommate refers to as the “Artichoke Hat”), but this time I opted for my favorite Christian Lacroix shoes… (Shhh, I included a screen shot of Patrick McMullen photo at the bottom so you can see.)  Check out the accessories!

For full details on my Super Hero Styling, take a look at the post here.

Purple and Teal Cape Coat

Purple and Teal Superhero Cape

Twiggy School Girl

Twiggy Meets Schoolgirl

Twiggy Accessories

And the HONORABLE Mentions go to the following three coats (click on links to see more):

The Multi-Color Mod Swing Coat

The Kelly Green St. Patricks Day Coat

The Turquoise and Silver Fox Coat

Multi-Color Swing Coat

Kelly Green Mod Coat

Turquoise and Fox Coat


Photography by: Chris Knight,

Styling by Ginger,

20 thoughts on “Color Coat-ed: IFB Project Has Me Craving Cooler Temps…

    1. Thank you so much! Can you believe how many? I couldn’t decide last night when I saw the IFB project. Add me on FB, Twitter, IG for updates and contests :)

  1. I am so glad to have found your blog.One negver gets enough inspiration.
    Pure joy.
    Adding you to my blogroll, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Cannot get enough.
    Happy weekend.

    1. You are the sweetest! I am so glad you feel inspired :) Stay tuned for lots more Fashion Week coverage and Vintage Halloween Styling this week… add me on FB, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date and win contests :)

    1. Agreed!! Thanks so much :) I may have to implement a limit on myself this year, or get a bigger apartment… Hmmm
      Are you also based in NYC? Will check out your blog!
      Thanks for the love,

  2. Um…these photos/outfits/coats are bananas! I am dying in the best way possible. You are amazing, girl! *feeling inspired to up my game*


    1. Sarah,
      How sweet! I know, I really o have some crazy awesome coats (secret: eBay girl, though I don’t like to tell my secrets. They are ALL from eBay!!)
      Will check out your blog :)

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