Disco Donna OOTD from The #TripleXXX Collabortion

GingerSnaps Miss Sabado Collaboration

Today I am sharing The Disco Donna OOTD, part of my most recent #TripleXXX Collaboration with Miss Sabado and Modern Vice.

When Miss Sabado first called to discuss the #TripleXXX Collaboration holiday shoot, this Purple Party Suit immediately popped into my head.  I had just purchased the beauty the week before from my favorite vintage dealer, Mayra, at the Manhattan Vintage Show.  I knew the purple color and silver embellishments would be the perfect match for the new Donna Disco Shoe. My predictions were accurate and, since the moment Miss Sabado and this Vintage 70’s Party Suit met, they have been inseparable.

For today’s Disco Donna OOTD, I styled Miss Sabado in very little other than the Party Suit and the Donna Disco Shoes.  One of my favorite things about this 70’s Party Suit is that it is an all-in-one outfit you can throw on and head straight out the door, no matter how fancy the occasion.  I couldn’t resist adding a couple of touches to bring the look together: silver disco earrings and the perfect purple fascinator.

In addition to being an aesthetic match for the Donna Disco Shoe, this 70’s Party Suit also fits the philosophy behind the Donna Collection: Night Life Shoes that are both show-stopping AND comfortable to keep you on your feet.  The Donna Boot is the first boot designed by Miss Sabado for Modern Vice.  Named after the Queen of 1970’s Dance Anthems, Donna Summers, it’s the ultimate dance-all-night shoe.   It’s shiny, disco-ball exterior isn’t just for standing out at the night club, it is also 100% spill-proof.  It also features a perfect, not-too-high heel with a special tread that allows for sliding across the dance-floor.  Originally, the Donna was only available in a boot version, but they have recently released 4 more styles.  My favorite style is the studded Donna Disco Shoe, which Miss Sabado is sporting in today’s Donna Disco OOTD.  You can check out all versions of the Donna at ModernVice.com and in the pictures below.

Outfit Details:

Party Suit: Vintage circa 1970’s

Hat: Vintage circa 1960’s

Earrings: Forever 21

Shoe: Modern Vice “Donna” by Miss Sabado


Photography: Chris Knight @ChrisKnightPhoto

Styling: Karen Weaver @GingerSnapsNYC

Hair and Make-up: Jhonatan Rendon @_Jhonatan_Rendon

Model: Miss Sabado @MissSabado

Thank you to @ModernVice for the incredible boots!

 GingerSnaps Miss Sabado Collaboration

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 3.18.14 PM

GingerSnaps TripleXXX Donna

GingerSnaps TripleXXX  Donna Boot 2

GingerSnaps TripleXXX  Donna Boot

GingerSnaps TripleXXX Donna 3

GingerSnaps TripleXXX Purple Donna

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