DIY Color-Pop Boots featuring Marc Jacobs Beauty Line

DIY Color Pop Boots

I love the new Marc Jacobs Beauty Line, particularly the Nail Lacquers.  My favorites are a bright red called “Lola”, a shimmery pink called “Gatsby”, and an almost fluorescent chartreuse called “Lux”.  I wore my Christian Louboutin “Pony Boots” (the ones with the heavy fringe down the back I covered in this post called Kinky Boots) almost too much last winter, so I have been looking for an additional statement pair of thick-heeled boots for this winter.  Because I have such fair skin, the chartreuse color called “Lux” is a color I could never pull off on my nails, so I decided to paint the heel of a cheap pair of black boots instead…  Check out this easy DIY below!

Marc Jacobs Nail Polish

DIY Color Pop BootsDIY Color-Pop Boots

What you will need:

Black Boots: Any pair you like will do, but I prefer a thick sole option so that the heel will really stand out.  Also, choose something comfortable because, trust me, you will want to wear them all the time.  You could also do a funky, geometric wedge. I found mine at Zara, but here is an even better option from Moschino that is ON SALE! (click link for more details!)

Paint: While I was just obsessed with this nail polish color, I can tell you from experience that it is better to buy a regular paint at an art store or Home Depot.  Nail polish obviously has the disadvantage of a small brush, propensity to chip, and tendency to be overpriced for small amount of product.  With “Lux”, I had to do at least 10 coats to get the paint to look even.  Take my word and get a regular shiny lacquer paint, instead od nail polish.  In the case that you are as stubborn as me, however, here is the “Lux” Lacquer I used from Marc Jacobs.  I think yellow is awesome, but it could really be any color of your choice.  My roommate was sure I would go with hot pink… and I just may have to make another pair, now.

Polyurethane Varnish:  I prefer the kind you paint on versus the spray, but I’m sure that either could work.  Again, art store or Home Depot will work for this.

Polyurethane Varnish

Paint Thinner/Acetone: Just in case of mistakes…  Use a brush with acetone or paint thinner to clean up before sealing your work with the varnish.


The project is pretty self explanatory.  If you choose to go with nail polish, I found that sweeping thin coats all the way around from bottom to top was best,  Don’t worry about being to perfect, after 10 coats it will look even.  Make sure the paint has fully dried before brushing on the next coat, and let sit over night before sealing with Polyurethane Varnish.  Depending on the type of varnish you get, you will need to let the boots dry for 3-4 hours in between coats.  Use a brush with paint thinner or acetone to clean up and mistakes before sealing your work with the varnish.

Zara Boots

DIY Color Pop Boots 1

DIY Color Pop Boots

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