Fashion Controversy: The (Raspberry) Beret

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It’s no secret that I love wearing hats.  In recent weeks, I have specifically covered two types of hats on GingerSnaps: the turban and the bonnet.  These, along with the beret I am covering today, are perhaps the most controversial choices in headwear.

I recently read an article on the blog Man Repeller making a case for the beret being the next big thing in headwear.  Over the years, Man Repeller has unsurprisingly encouraged taking the sartorial dare of wearing hats.  I believe the quote from another of her articles on the subject said something like, “In choosing to wear a hat, the first statement you make is that you are right and everyone else is wrong.”  Personally, I have never shied away from the opportunity to call out the masses for being unimaginative or wrong, as the case way be.

Unlike other hats, the beret, turban and bonnet pose the additional challenge of having cultural links.  In fact, anytime I post pictures of me wearing one of these accessories it sparks controversial conversations through my Instagram comments.  The bonnet, in particular, lead to my being accused of cultural misappropriation.  Do they actually believe I was choosing to wear the accessory as an attempt to make fun of the Amish communities who still wear them?  If anything, I feel my donning of these accessories as a means to be fashionable should be interpreted as complimentary.  Turbans have taken a hit in particular recently, as they are sometimes misinterpreted as a show of solidarity with Muslim extremist, like ISIS.  In fact, when I was in Paris last November, just a few days after the attacks, I was admonished by friends not to pack my favorite turbans for this trip to the City of Lights.

Today, as part of a Spring Look, I am wearing a hat I call the “Raspberry Beret”.  If there were a soundtrack to this post, it would certainly be Prince’ 1980’s Hit by the same name.  Indeed, not only would I consider this hue to be raspberry, I actually did purchase it from a second-hand store.  While this hat is not a carbon copy of the french version of the beret, it does lay on the head in a similar fashion.  In fact, the variation in this berets silhouette makes it that much easier to wear without appearing that I am trying too hard to be French.  When choosing what to wear with your own beret look, I suggest you keep the rest of the look as un-French as possible.  For example, you could go All-American with a slouchy off-the-shoulder sweatshirt or ripped up blue jeans.   If you want more on the subject of the beret, check out the full article by Man Repeller here.

For my own Raspberry Beret Look, I chose an outfit that is Pink Overload.  You might remember the Chrysanthemum Pink Coat I am wearing from the way I styled it HERE with Orange (and a turban, incidentally) back in the fall.  Underneath the coat I am flashing some serious leg with a silk graffiti-printed bodysuit by Escada, cinched in with a vintage silver belt from the 70’s.  The rest of my accessories include H&M earrings inspired by the mod fashions of the 60’s, colorful shoes by Valentino, and a silver globe purse I will be offering for purchase soon on my e-store:

Outfit Details:

Coat: Vintage Bergdorf Goodman circa 1960’s

Leotard: Vintage Escada circa 1980’s

Hat: Vintage circa 1970’s

Earrings: H&M

Purse: Coming Soon! Available for Purchase on

Belt: Vintage circa 1970’s

Shoe: Valentino


Photography: Chris Knight,

Styling: Karen Weaver,

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