Fashion Week OOTD: Turbans, Harem Pants, and Color Trends


Fashion Week has kicked off with a bang, and I’m told I was named the “Look of the Day” this past Friday at the Linclon Center Tents wearing the ensemble below.  I haven’t had a spare second to check where others are covering my style, but here are some snapshots my cousin from Florida took of me at Lincoln Center.  Thanks Debbie!

OOTD Details

I can’t really decide whether to call what I am wearing a jumpsuit or a dress.  I guess it is a hybrid of both.  Additionally, it has a harem pant feel too.  Paired with the turban-looking hat, I am channeling Prince Ali a bit, no?  The good news is, this style of harem pant does not make me look like I pooped in my pants, which harem pants so often do.  I love the print in the cheery, bright color palette.  I never shy away from wearing color (even in New York City where it is slightly taboo).  The Spring runways have also been full of color; Purple, Pink, Orange, and Teal have been the most pervasive, so far.  Stay tuned for more details about the trends I have been seeing on the runways.

I have worn this hat on the blog previously In this post about last seasons Sheer Trend.  This time around, I am loving how tucking my (messy) hair underneath transformed it into a Turban.  Turbans are pretty major this year (according to EVERYONE at the tents).  I even took a minute to speak to Simul TV about the trend (see more below).







The hat and handbag are both vintage.  The necklace (which is by Forever 21) is embellished with vintage clip-on earrings.  I have covered how I embellish my shoes with clip-on earrings in this previous post.   The earrings and belt is also by Forever 21, while the strappy shoes are by Valentino.



Robby LaRiviere from SimulTV ran me down outside the tents to interview about the Turban Trend for their livestream of Fashion Week called #FashionPalette.  I am still trying to locate a link to the video, but in the meantime check out these stills Debbie snapped.  Robby, I’m in love with your adorable, perfectly tanned face: Gorge!




Inside the tents, I was photographed by TreSemme and when I returned yesterday I was excited to see the photo streaming on the TV’s in the tents!  Kind of surreal :)  Thanks TreSemme!



This model was hilarious: he told ME I should take a picture with HIM (with my camera).  LOL, I appreciate his audacity.  He isn’t going to accept failure.  Love that attitude.


Designers and Labels

Jumpsuit: Vintage from eBay Seller: TheKissingTreeVintage

Belt: Forever 21

Necklace: Forever 21 (embellished with Vintage Clip-on Earrings)

Earrings: Forever 21

Turban: Vintage by Chez Pierre, Paris

Handbag: Vintage

Shoe: Valentino


Photography by Debbie Henry,

Styling by Ginger,

3 thoughts on “Fashion Week OOTD: Turbans, Harem Pants, and Color Trends

  1. Love your style. So much like mine as I love vintage and always mix it up with modern in my daily wardrobe! Loved meeting you at MBFW, as I adored taking your photos in the leather blue skirt for my blog! I am the young lady with the pink vintage pant outfit…….muah! :)
    Come see about me on Facebook as Shanda Sofabulous, and check out Grand Execution on Facebook as well!

    1. Would love to see any coverage/photos you took as I was kind of all over the place that day! :) Will certainly feature your coverage on GingerSnaps with my readers :)

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