Fox-y Lady OOTD: Foxes Trending for Fall

GingerSnaps Fox for Fall5

Foxes are everywhere this Fall.  It’s a trend so cute I had to dedicate a whole week to sharing it!  Yesterday, I shared the Fox Clutch by Kate Spade (If you missed it, you can CHECK IT OUT HERE).  Today, I am sharing the Fox Flats that are also by Kate Spade.  While I would never wear these two accessories together, how could I resist buying them both?  Answer: I couldn’t.

Todays OOTD features pops of bright, blood orange in my Vintage Wool Coat, Jewelry, as well as my Fox Flats.  Even my funky feather hat has a few pops of the bright color.  I have actually featured this Blood Orange Wool Jacket before on GingerSnaps.  I included some pictures following todays OOTD; you can check out the full details of this outfit HERE.

I paired all of these orange accessories with a Baroque Printed Dress in Gold and Black from the 1960’s.  My favorite thing about this dress is the how the rich color of the pattern hasn’t faded.  This is due to the garment being made from Dacron Polyester.  Polyester was first introduced to the American Public in 1951, and by the 1960’s was at the height of its popularity with the infamous “Double-Knit Polyester”. It was initially introduced as a miracle fabric that was inexpensive, durable, and never faded or wrinkled.  Commercials boasted that a Polyester garment could be worn for “68 days straight without showing any wear!”  Over the years the textile underwent many modifications to make it more comfortable and breathable.  For instance, Dacron Polyester, a brand name of Polyester, is much softer and more luxe than regular Polyester.

If you love the Blood Orange Wool Coat and/or the Baroque Printed Dress, you are in luck; both of these items are now listed for sale on my eBay Store: and can be yours in a couple of clicks… Start by clicking below to see more information.

Vintage Baroque Printed Dress Available for purchase HERE

Vintage Blood Orange Wool Coat Available for Purchase HERE

Outfit Details:

Coat: Vintage circa 1960’s (BUY IT HERE at

Dress: Vintage circa 1960’s (BUY IT HERE at

Hat: Vintage circa 1940’s

Earrings: Vintage circa 1980’s

Necklace: Vintage circa 1970’s

Ring: Vintage

Handbag: Vintage circa 1960’s

Fox Flat: Kate Spade


Photography: Jennifer Young, @loveislovejennifer

Styling: Karen Weaver, @GingerSnapsNYC

GingerSnaps Fox for Fall4

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GingerSnaps Fox for Fall

GingerSnaps Fox for Fall12

GingerSnaps Fox for Fall14

GingerSnaps Fox for Fall 1

GingerSnaps Fox for Fall2

GingerSnaps Fox for Fall8

GingerSnaps Fox for Fall5

GingerSnaps Orange Coat 2

GingerSnaps Orange Coat 1

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