FUR Love and the Love of Furry Things


Winter is REALLY here now and, baby, it’s COLD outside!  Consequently, I have had to bust out the big guns of my winter-wardrobe: gloves, muffs, hats, hooded-coats, and, of course, FUR.  I understand that fur raises controversy for some, but I would like to defend my wearing of fur with two facts about Ginger:

First, I have been a vegetarian most of my life (no meat of ANY kind, including broths or fish) and eat a vegan diet 60 % of the time (vegetarian plus no dairy or eggs).

Second, I make a point to buy VINTAGE FUR only.  I have had new furs given as gifts, but have only purchased Vintage Fur for myself.  I think this is a great policy for anyone who finds themselves torn between the love of a fur garment and the obvious ethical conundrum.  While the Ginger of yester-year would invited PETA to line up… to kiss her ass, I am a bit more conscious of my effect on the environment, now.  What are your thoughts?

Now, on to why we are really here: a fur styling post with this FAB Raccoon fur.





Walking around the city in the winter, as any New-Yorker knows, REQUIRES a HOOD.  This along with deep pockets cut down on your necessary accessories which ultimately end up lost (i.e. gloves and ear muffs).  Added bonus of this hood is that it is easily removable– Brilliant.



The shoes are a cheap find from the sale rack at Century 21, which is right by the World Trade Center in Manhattan and a must for visitors.



The gloves are finger-less, so perfect for warmth and functionslity of still being able to text.. However, I have learned to type with my NOSE on my IPHONE when I am wearing gloves.  Friends make fun of me, but it WORKS! The belt and gloves are from Rugby, by Ralph Lauren.



Final details are my glasses from Japan (bought hours before departing at the airport), and these beautiful vintage earrings with tiny pearl details.


Fur Jacket: Vintage by “Tibor Furs” (eBay Seller: meat-market), Fingerless Gloves: Rugby by Ralph Lauren, Earring: Vintage (eBay Seller: raspberryhills), Tight: Leggs, Glasses: Unmarked from Japan, Shoes: Boutique 9

Photography by Chris Knight (www.ChrisKnightPhoto.com)

Styling by Ginger (www.ginger-snap.com)

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