GingerSnaps Featured in GLASSbook Magazine!

GingerSnaps Feature in GLASSbook Magazine

Today, I am very honored to share a recent feature on GingerSnaps published in GLASSbook Magazine.  Last February during Fashion Week, thanks to to serendipity (and one insane outfit: an Egg Suit by Christian Francis Roth), I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica Lewis at Juice Shop.  In addition to a very successful career as a model and healthy body image advocate, Jessica is also a creative director at GLASSbook.  After meeting, we soon found ourselves collaborating on a project for the inaugural newsstand edition of GLASSbook.  During the shoot (featuring the gorgeous and talented DJ Eva Shaw; more details to come), I got to know GLASSbook founder and editor in chief: Jasmine Glass.  We had such a good time discussing the story behind each piece from the shoot, that Jasmine asked if she could interview me for an artist profile.  I am excited to share the resulting article below; you can pick up your own copy of the inaugural print edition on newsstands now! :)

Article Credit: GLASSbook Magazine

Photo Credit: Chris Knight and Chris Bowers

GingerSnaps Feature in GLASSbook 1 copyGingerSnaps Feature in GLASSbook 2GingerSnaps Feature in GLASSbook 4

GingerSnaps Feature in GLASSbook 3

photo 1

photo 2

GingerSnaps Feature in GLASSbook Magazine

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