Glitter and Grunge: Blake Lively and Lucky Magazine Do Grunge (Part Three)

Elle Polished Punk

Blake Lively in Lucky Magazine

Now that you have seen two of my Grunge-inspired Outfits of the Day (OOTD), let’s talk about how you can incorporate the trend into your own fall look with the help of Blake Lively and Lucky Magazine.  By the way, there are still TWO MORE Grunge looks I am going to share later this week on Anna and Lindsay, so stay tuned :) compiled Five FoolProof Ways to Get Grunge Right.  Here are those five tips, along with my own tips on the essentials to help you incorporate the trend into

Number 1: Pay Extra Attention to Fit

While over-sized and sloppy were common ways to execute the grunge look of yester-year, we learned our lesson in hindsight and now keep it to one over-sized item paired with form fitting, well-tailored pieces to make sure you avoid the sloppy and rolled-out-of-bed side of grunge.

Number 2: Hair and Make-up Should be Natural

If you are Taylor Swift (or me) you can probably get away with a bold red lip (even when wearing grunge).  However, as a rule, it is the natural, nude lip, pinch of the cheeks, and quick swipe of mascara that complement the messiness of grunge the best.

Number 3: Try Just One Piece

I think this is best when incorporating grunge for the first time.  Try a baby doll dress, a air of combat boots, or your boyfriends flannel shirt, but only try ONE at a time and down-play the rest.

Number 4: Invest in High-Quality Fabric

The hunter green leather jacket I used in my second OOTD was by Alexander McQueen (you can see it on Lindsay here) While it has that motorcycle jacket feel, it’s lush color and quality of leather make it chic, not cheap looking.  While my Alexander McQueen Jacket is no longer available in stores, I was just in Intermix yesterday, and saw this amazing Helmut Hooded-Leather Jacket in the softest, most luxurious lambskin.  I think it is the ultimate jacket for the dressed-down-yet-chic look (which grunge falls under).

Number 5: Shred Strategically

The old days of grunge included holes and frays.  This just isn’t acceptable anymore (unless, perhaps, if you are in college or live on the street.)  Be careful to execute the trend today in a non street-living way.  Dirty and too authentic of holes/rips doesn’t look cool, it just unkempt.

In addition to these tips, Lucky Magazine featured Blake Lively as cover girl for the September Issue.  In the article, she showcased one grunge-inspired look that she pulls pff perfectly with her beach-babe California girl style.  I also included some other grunge looks from other September Issues :)

Blake Lively Grunge

Elle Polished Punk


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