Glitter and Grunge: OOTD (MORE) Long Florals (Part Five)


Last Glitter and Grunge OOTD of my series of posts on the trend, Anna shows anther long dress version. How hot is Anna?  Let’s just start there.  Doesn’t matter what she wears, it looks good.  I have been FB stalking miss Anna for awhile and am honored to have her shoot for Ginger Snaps. She is wearing a 90’s long “slip dress” embellished with a sequin rose pattern.  I toughened up the look with a black leather jacket by Diesel.  The accessories are kept vintage and minimal and the shoes are by DKNY (though there are actually two different pairs shown, read on to see why).

My favorite thing about this 90’s dress is how hot it looks on Anna’s backside.  Check it out…






I kept the jewelry vintage and minimal with splashes of red ruby sparkles.


These were the original shoes meant to be shot on Anna.  They are IMPOSSIBLE to wear, so we made a last minute switch to the Sergio Rossi sandals worn by Lindsay in This Grunge OOTD Post from last week.  The pair pictured below is the pair she was meant to wear by DKNY that was apparently created for women in wheelchairs or a chariot of men to carry them around.  They are truly impossible…  sorry DKNY, but what a look!  Love their fur lining._MG_3100


Designers and Details:

Jacket: Diesel, Dress: Vintage, Necklace: Vintage, Earrings: Vintage, Shoe: DKNY


Photography by Chris Knight,

Styling by Ginger,

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