Glitter and Grunge: OOTD in Long, Flowing Florals (Part Four)


Today’s Grunge OOTD featuring Lindsay is built around this long dress from Urban Outfitters.  I bought this dress with my eternally fashionable friend Jeanne (Jeanne has been featured on Ginger Snaps, too, including this post on Vintage Maxi Dresses).  She actually spotted it, and when she decided against getting it I was quick to take it to the fitting room.  I guess you know a really good friend when you can do that.

This dress reminds me of the long floral dresses typical of the 90’s Grunge Scene.  I styled it with a vintage locket, blue leather jacket from Willow, and the most amazing and comfortable sandals by Sergio Rossi.

While the hem line is long on this dress, the plunging neckline and slits make the style remain feminine and sexy.  You can barely tell, but this dress also has a cut out below the bow.  It’s just so perfectly cut that it doesn’t seem over the top, just the right amount of sexy. The slits also make the dress flow around you as you walk.  It is equally as flattering with or without heels.  You can dress it up for night or wear it for a casual day in the park– perfect!







These Shoes are by Sergio Rossi and are so comfortable in a way that is kind of hard to explain.  I think it’s because the elastic straps at the top are made of a soft fiber that still maintains support about the ankle.


Designers and Details:

Leather Jacket: Willow for Intermix

Dress: Urban Outfitters

Necklace: Vintage Locket from Ralph Lauren

Earrings: Forever 21

Shoes: Sergio Rossi


Photography by Chris Knight,

Styling by Ginger,

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