Glitter and Grunge: OOTD in Falls’ Hottest Trend (Part One)


As I recall, some good things came out of the 90’s.  GRUNGE, in my opinion, was NOT one of them.

Sure, when I think Alicia Silverstone circa “Clueless” (think:  “Baby Doll” and “Slip” Dresses), I am on-board; mention your boyfriends oversized button-up shirt and combat boots, and you have lost me completely.  I realize, however, that being a fashion blogger isn’t about me, it’s actually about YOU, my loyal readers.  Since Grunge is so pervasive this Fall and it likely resonates with many of YOU, I decided to find a way to cover it here on Ginger Snaps.  Additionally, I believe that being on the cutting edge of fashion requires one to step out of their comfort zone, and I encourage you to challenge yourself to find your own way to do even the trends that you like the LEAST.  After all, in doing so you might find a new favorite way to express yourself in your personal style.  For me, this is what fashion is all about. Lastly, I can acknowledge that Grunge was an important trend in fashions’ history.  Since “Vintage” is understood to include anything 20 years or older, I cannot deny the relevance of Grunge to a blog meant to show how to incorporate vintage into a modern wardrobe.  With all that said, here’s the first of several posts I am titling “Glitter and Grunge”, which will show how I do the trend, and suggestions for how you can, too!

When attempting a trend outside your fashion food groups, I find it helpful to first identify what it is that you don’t like about the trend.  In my case, my adversity to Grunge is pretty simple:  As a rule, I try to always be polished and honor feminism and the female frame in my personal style.  When I think of “grunge”, sloppy, unkept, just-rolled-out-of-bed all come to mind; even the word seems to counter my core principles and approach to fashion.  One way I achieved a “grunge” inspired look, but still honored my need to feel “girl-y” and detailed was by choosing lush fabrics and embellishments like glitter, sequins, and fur.  Using these mediums on traditionally “grunge” silhouettes, I found a way to look both “un-done” and “done-up” at the same time.  Today’s OOTD is a perfect example featuring a sequin tunic from the 80’s.  It almost channels Courtney Love, don’t you think?

OOTD Details

I paired the the short, sparkly tunic with sexy fishnets, and shiny, heavily-embellished Christian Lacroix booties. The intense, bulky shape of the boots is grunge-y, while the embellishments make them girl-y and fem.  I chose heavy, edgy jewelry to help keep the overall look true-to-grunge.

The shoes are actually comprised of two parts; the point-y, lace-up bootie can be worn with or without the ankle piece.  You can see how the shoe looks without the ankle piece in this post from last winters coverage on the Baroque Trend.

Lastly, the Alexander McQueen “Brass-Knuckle Clutch” is the perfect marriage of in-your-face and delicate details.  I have worn it so many times,(you can see it in a less edge-y styling here) but it is always show-stopping.

Grunge OOTD in 1980's Vintage Sequin Dress

Grunge and Glitter OOTD in 1980's Vintage Sequin Dress

Grunge OOTD in 1980's Vintage Sequin Dress

Grunge OOTD in 1980's Vintage Sequin Dress

Grunge OOTD in 1980's Vintage Sequin Dress

Glitter and Grunge OOTD in 1980's Vintage Sequin Dress


Earrings are from Forever 21 and work well with the over-load of accessories and embellishments in the rest of the outfit because they are so streamlined.

Accessories for Grunge OOTD including Earring from Forever21

Accessories for Grunge OOTD including Necklace from Cecelia Du Bucourt

Accessories for Grunge OOTD including Clutch by Alexander McQueen


Accessories for Grunge OOTD Christian Lacroix Shoes

Designers and Details:

Dress: Vintage 80’s Tunic, from eBay Seller: Thriftwares

Fishnets: Forever 21

Necklace: Cecilia De Bucourt

Earrings: Forever 21

Clutch: Alexander McQueen

Shoes: Christian Lacroix


Photography by: Chris Knight,

Styling by: Ginger,

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