Global Style: How to Incorporate Accents of Asia


Ever the vagabond, I love to incorporate trends from around the world into my everyday wardrobe.  Whether it be a flea market find from an antique fair in Paris or a hand-made purse found on the streets of Mumbai, everyone loves the story that goes along with a foreign find.  This seasons runways were littered with influences from Asian, Indian, and South American Fashion (to name a few).  So, even if you haven’t traveled the world, your wardrobe can certainly make it seem that way!

Today I styled a look that has a slightly Asian feel.  I find with Asian influences in particular, less is always more.  For instance, pairing a beautiful Mandarin silk dress with a modern coat and accessories keeps you from looking gimmicky or mocking of the culture.  While no one piece of this look is blatantly “Asian” the over all feel and tone to the pieces come together to invoke the Eastern aesthetic.




I love this Vintage 1980’s Red Cocoon Coat worn both open and closed.  It’s drape-y form reminds me of styles I saw on the streets of Tokyo last year.  Vintage and timeless, but also futuristic and avant garde.



I chose to layer two vintage earrings on my exposed ear, while opting for just a stud on my other ear.  Mismatched earrings are big this year; I find this trend easy to pull off when one of the earrings is over-the-top.

Because the coat was oversized and shape-less, I used a cinching belt over the top of the onyx dress.  I lengthened the hem-line of the dress (and added much needed warmth in the winter temperature) by layering a tight ASOS body-con dress underneath the dress.


The purse is in a very Asian-esque Brocade fabric, and tied even more into the look by the red roses I attached.


The umbrella is a vintage find I came across right before burning man last year.  I love to shade both sun and rain with a gorgeous parasol like this one.  The ornate handle is particularly beautiful and relevant to this look.




The tights add a pop of texture and the shoes are embellished with a red ribbon laced up the back (a DIY I will be covering soon.)



Coat: Vintage “Paudele Fashion”, from eBay seller: thriftwares, Bodycon Dress (layered underneath): ASOS, Onyx Dress: Vintage “Lawrence Kazar”, from eBay seller: 2tryhard, Earrings: Topshop, Umbrella: Vintage, Purse: Topshop (with rose embellishments added by me), Fishnet Stockings: Aldo, Shoes: Ash bought from W Boutique (with red ribbon embellishment added by me)

Photography by Chris Knight (

Styling by Ginger (

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