Halloween Inspiration: The Sexy Caged Skeleton


In case you weren’t aware, I recently launched a new line of accessories and costume pieces that will be available for purchase on my eStore soon!  (ShopGingersCloset.com) In the meantime, I have been sharing sneak peeks of the the pieces here on the blog, like todays’ Halloween-Inspired look: The Sexy Caged Skeleton.  This look includes not one, but three pieces from my collection: the Side Cages, an Architectural Necklace, and the Skeletal Belt.

First, to each side of todays Sexy Caged Skeleton Halloween Look, I am wearing one of my Side-Cage Pieces.  These are actually my favorite of all of the Cage Pieces in my collection.  They are surprisingly versatile; they can be worn as part of an Avant Garde look for a fashion-forward night out on the town, or as part of a costume for Burning Man or Halloween.  In addition to the way I have styled two of these cages to each side in todays look, you can also just wear one to the back of an outfit to give the look of a Victorian-age Bustle.  For another example of these Caged Costume Pieces, check out THIS post from last summer featuring Sasha in a Hooped Cage embellished with Flowers.

The next pieces from my collection in todays Sexy Skeleton look is my Architectural Necklace.  I love jewelry that challenges shape and form.  This piece takes center stage as the focal point of any outfit you wear it with, even one as simple as a black dress body-con dress.

The last piece from my collection I am sharing is my Skeleton belt.  I initially made this belt for my Skeleton Day-of-the-Dead Halloween Costume last year.  However, since then I have worn this piece several times both as part of other costumes as well over a simple black dress for a night on the town.  Recently, Miss Sabado wore the belt over a tuxedo jumpsuit in the teaser video for the launch of her Night Life Boot collaboration with Modern Vice, aptly called “The Donna”.

Check out the full video below:

Miss Sabado X Modern Vice from Last Night On Earth on Vimeo.

 Outfit Details:

Side Cages: Available soon at ShopGingersCloset.com

Leotard: Forever 21

Skeletal Belt: Available soon at ShopGingersCloset.com

Architectural Necklace: Available soon at ShopGingersCloset.com


Photography: Chris Knight, www.ChrisKnightPhoto.com @ChrisKnightPhoto

Styling: Karen Weaver, www.Ginger-Snap.com @GingerSnapsNYC




GingerSnaps Halloween Skeleton Top Hat


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