Happy Anniversary to Me!


Today is the one year anniversary of GingerSnaps!

This time last year, I was homeless in New York City (ok, not technically homeless, but displaced and without a home for 45 days due to Hurricane Sandy).  I had been wanting to start a blog for years, and decided that something good had to come out of this horrible situation.  A phone call to an amazing photographer and friend (Chris Knight, who has done most of the photography for GingerSnaps), a very brave Make-up Artist who travelled with me to Bushwick (!!), some styling by candlelight in my apartment, and GingerSnaps was born.

I can’t believe all of the exciting moments I have had this year as this blog has developed; I can still remember giving out my card for the first time (even though it was just to my boyfriend), my first sale on ShopGingersCloset.com, my first advertiser, my first show at NYFW as a blogger (thanks Nicholas K and Peoples Revolution!), my first free sample in the mail (coverage is coming soon!). This year, I’m excited to share new developments that will take this blog from my computer screen to the silver screen (fingers crossed) very soon– Stay tuned!

Thank you so much to all of my loyal readers; from fellow bloggers, to people across the country who give every post and instagram share their excitement and support.  To my roommate for letting me run a store and stage photoshoots from her beautiful apartment, and for always giving her honest feedback on every eBay purchase and outfit choice.  Thank you to my friends who have acted as my models, to the photographers who have worked for much less than their worth, to my assistants who have played every role from steamer to photographer, and especially to the support from my incredible family: my mom for editing, my dad for being the FIRST fan of every post and for telling me everyday that what I do is better than “Vogue”, my brother for re-posting his crazy sisters NYC life, and all of my cousins, aunts, and uncles who are my biggest fans and my greatest motivation.  Thank you all for supporting me along the way.

Below I selected 40 photos from various posts over the past year. The first photo is from my first post ever, part of series on the Baroque Trend.  I hope it will be as exciting for you to look at how that photo has turned into what my blog is today– Enjoy!

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. ”

― Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



This was probably my favorite collaboration and styling effort.  The reflections accompanying these photos, called The Great, Great Gatsby, are still my favorite writing on the blog to date.



The pictures in a Winter White OOTD I wore at the 100 Year Anniversary of Grand Central Terminal were some of the favorites of my readers.


I think this photo remains my favorite taken for the blog this year.  Something about that day shooting was magic.  I remember texting a friend the night before that I thought I had styled some of my best outfits ever.

Red Coat Asian Inspired






















photo 3-6









Fall Mixing Patterns Trend












photo 1




























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