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I am feeling the heat we have been having and taking the opportunity to wear as little as possible!

Today my outfit includes this AMAZING Vintage Lacoste Tennis Skirt.  Few things are as classic and timeless as Lacoste; preppy, clean-cut style will always have a place in the fashion world.  Sadly this skirt is too large for me and to alter such a perfect piece would take away from it’s awesome-ness.  So, (lucky for you if you’re a little larger than me) I have listed this skirt for sale on  You can check it out HERE.






My accessories include necklace, earrings, and handbag by Forever 21, my beautiful Movado watch, and my bright blue nail polish by Maybelline–  Fabulous!



This shoe is so cheap it’s silly, but I just had tpo have it from Charlotte Russe many years ago when it came out…  I went to at least 100 stores looking for my size.  I love the yellow detailing and the texture of the tweed fabric.


Brands and Details:

Top: Charlotte Russe

Skirt: Lacoste

Necklace: Forever 21

Earrings: Forever 21

Watch: Movado

Bag: Forever 21

Shoes: Charlotte Russe



Styling by: Ginger,

Photography by: Ashleigh Cuty


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