Magical Creatures Fashion Show: The Horned Princess


Today I am sharing one of the lasts looks from the Magical Creatures Fashion Show I styled in collaboration with The House of Findings in Boston last spring.  The Horned Princess, as I call it, is a look built around a one-of-a-kind Rosette Bikini by Jankele.  I was first introduced to Jankele at their premier of their swimsuit line at Art Basel in Miami, a couple of years ago.  (You can check out my coverage of that amazing party in THIS POST from Art Basel Miami).  One of my favorite looks from that first show was the Rosette Bikini that the model is wearing today.  I included some close ups of the piece below.  The craftmanship of the pieces by Jankele are unbelievable;  in all of my years of working in Fashion in NYC, I have never seen anything so intricate.

Layered over the Rosette Bikini is the same sheer All-Saints dress I am wearing in yesterdays post (Check it out HERE if you missed it).  For the bottom, I chose a tulle ballerina skirt.  Tulle ballerina skirts are surprisingly versatile pieces. If they are floor-length they are perfect to throw on with a blouse or corset for a fancy affair.  On the other hand, if the skirt is calve-length or shorter, it can be paired with an oxford and worn out to lunch on the weekend. Don’t believe me?  Check out how I styled one from the 50’s with and Oxford Shirt this past summer in THIS post shot in Washington Square Park.

I chose a collection of silver accessories for this look.  On her head, she wears a horn as a crown.  Her necklace is a global piece from Cambodia that I purchased from a street fair.  The silver necklace pairs perfectly with her large silver cuffs and vintage dangly earrings.  Her peep-toe stilettos are in the perfect gunmetal satin, adorned with a sparkly swarovski bow.

Outfit Details:

Horn Headpiece: Handmade by Cosmic Unicorns

Dress: All-Saints

Rosette Bikini: Jankele

Skirt: Handmade by The House of Findings

Necklace: Vintage Global from Cambodia

Earrings: Vintage circa 1960’s

Bracelets: Vintage Global from Africa

Shoe: Caparros


Photography: Cara DiFabio

Styling: Collaboration by Karen Weaver, and Mayra Gonzalez,

Model: Dynasty Models






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