Magical Creatures Fashion Show: The Peacock-ed Mermaid


This past April, I teamed up with my favorite vintage curator, Mayra Gonzalez of The House of Findings, to create a Fashion Show for “Fashionably Late Thursdays” at The Liberty Hotel in Boston.  The show was inspired by the Magical Creatures of Spring, from fairies to sea urchins.  Since Mermaids have been a thing on my mind lately, the first look I am sharing from the show is “The Peacock-ed Mermaid”.

The backstage of a Fashion Shows is one of the most high-stress environments you can imagine.  It may seem easy to just “get dressed and undressed quickly”, but there are a multitude of unpredictable complications that inevitably arise when you have five models, five dressers, and fifteen head-to-toe looks in the space of five cubicles.  For instance, at this show, the last set of looks showcased the GORGEOUS Couture Swimwear by Jankele.  Five unique swimsuits were paired with various vintage accesories and headpieces.  Each look came together to embody a different “magical creature”.  Just as the models were lining up to take these looks down the runway, we were told that we had to adjust all of the looks to be more modest.  In a matter of 45 seconds, we turned five swimwear looks into dresses.  While it may not have been the ideal, I was still so impressed with how each of these looks conveyed the magic of spring and summer.

A disclaimer: Unfortunately, the lighting made capturing the looks difficult, but I just had to share these looks with my readers.  Because of this, I included some behind-the-scenes shots of me in the mermaid outfit following the pictures from the show.  Hopefully, you can see the details of this incredible swimsuit and the vintage accesories more clearly. Mayra snapped these at the studio while we were styling the looks (sans make-up and with un-washed hair, no less!) You may have to use your imagination :).

Outfit Details:

Swimsuit: Jankele

Bustle: Vintage circa 1980’s

Headpiece: Cosmic Unicorns

Earrings: Forever 21

Necklace: Handmade from Peru

Ring: Vintage circa 1970’s

Beaded Scarf: Vintage circa 1970’s

Shoe: Steve Madden Luxe


Photography: Cara DiFabio

Styling: Collaboration by Karen Weaver, and Mayra Gonzalez,

Model: Dynasty Models


GingerSnaps Magical Creature Fashion Show 32

GingerSnaps Magical Creature Fashion Show 31









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