More Mod: 60’s OOTD, Quirky Accessories, and the Return of Jeanne to GingerSnaps!


Can’t believe I ALMOST FORGOT to post these adorable photos of Miss Jeanne from my Birthday Party last year… (Also, I can’t believe it’s almost “that time” of year again too… eek!)

Jeanne is the most adorable caricature of the perfect Asian doll.  From her rad, colorful tats, to her bright-yet-tasteful pops of fluorescent hair, she is “cute” personified.  She can pull off the quirkiest accessories (like her striped tights, pig purse, and bow and patent booties in her look today) that would look cheesy on everyone else.  For proof, just look at how silly I look with the same pig purse in this previous OOTD Post where I pair it with a vintage, 1960’s Pink Crochet Dress.  Good thing I love a gimmick every now and again :).

Jeanne is wearing her silly accessories with a vintage dress from the 60’s; her whole look is in line with my earlier Mod OOTD I posted this week from my shoot in London.  Ironically, I have the same dress in pastel green! Great minds…  The dress was originally longer, but Jeanne had it shortened to not only fit her petite frame, but also to make it more current.  I am always impressed with her eye for tailoring vintage pieces to make them more relevant for today.

For more pics of Jeanne and a review of her fabulous dog clothing line called “Hairyjuku”, see this previous Post of Jeanne and her dog, Tank.







Designers and Labels:

Dress: Vintage

Purse: Sunaokuwahara

Tight: Brooklyn Industries

Shoe: Harajuku Lovers


Photography by: Chris Knight,

Styling by: Ginger,

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