New York Fashion Week Recap: Emerson Spring 2014 Collection by Jackie Fraser


The runway shows are a different experience in the evening.  The fashion elite are super-charged from a full day of fashion porn and the energy flows through crowd, to the models, and finally through the designs as they dance down the runways.  Emerson by Jackie Fraser could not be at a better time of day.  It’s as if she build the life and spirit right into the seams of her garments: they move about the body and inspire the on-looker to consider the happiness she will feel when wearing them herself.  Jackie Fraser makes couture fashion that is wearable and approachable for every woman.

The Spring 2014 Collection of Emerson was part punk, part garden-party.  She infused elements typical of Spring, such as florals and sheer panels, against edgier elements like laser-cut leathers and kept with the Spring 2014 Trends.  She is spot-on with trends like Black and White, Floral Prints, Colored Leathers, and  Color-Blocking. In some cases, she combines two trends to give a unique perspective; she nails it with her combination of Black and White with Purple (two trends seen everywhere this Fashion Week).  Prints were utilized when necessary, but not over-done.  The finishing touch was the delicate purple orbs atop the head, balancing the voluminous layers of ruffles gowns.  Absolutely gorgeous.

Her choice of color palette was a welcome departure from the milk-y, easter-egg hues seen in most other collections. (Such as the “Pepto-Birmal Purple” I have been complaining about!) Her purple is just on the purple side of the perfect royal purple/blue mix.  It’s regal hue stands up to the stark black and white contrast she chose to pair it with.  While colorful leathers were common in other collections, her leather designs stood out with laser-cut detailing done in a floral design.

Before I show you my favorite looks, a Fun Fact for you: Jackie Fraser-Swan descends from the famed literary giant Ralph Waldo Emerson, thus the name “Emerson”.  Family is obviously very important to the designer; the show was followed by she and her daughters walking down the runway in outfits that coordinated to her line– Brilliant! (see photo below)

Emerson Spring 2014 Last Dress

Emerson Spring 2014 long dress

Emerson Spring 2014 4

Emerson Spring 2014 3

Emerson Spring 2014 Laser Cut Leather

Emerson Spring 2014 Jackie Fraser and Fam

Photo Credit: New York Magazine, The Cut


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