New York Fashion Week Vintage OOTD: Color, Color, Color!

New York FW Candid 40's Style

OOTD Details

In case you haven’t figured it out, I am the queen of color in this bleak, all-black-wearing city.  Especially when I am out on the town attending fashion industry events, I try to fit as many colors into my outfit as possible.  For instance, during Fashion Week I styled this 1940’s inspired outfit in a multi-color sequin jacket (worn in a modern, slightly mid-riff bearing fashion), a royal purple leather pencil skirt (Check out how I have styled this skirt in the past with a bikini top here!), and the new limited-edition Coco in Royal Blue.  The final touches were the craziest over-ly embellished Lanvin stilettos, and of course a green-feathered topper.

I met so many wonderful people that day, one of which was Miss Shanda Sofabulous.  A fellow blogger, she was also rockin’ the vintage that day so we hit it off right away.  Here’s a snap she took of us followed by photos my personal assistant, ahem, best friend Erin snapped between shows in the tents. Also, be sure to check out the coverage of the Katya Leonvich Runway Show we were on our way to attend in this past post.

OH! And check out Shandas’ blog “Grand Execution” here!

FW OOTD 1940'sMe and the lovely Shanda, both in Vintage looks.

New York FW Candid 40's Style Photographers taking photos before the Katya Leonvich show.

New York Fashion Week 40's Street Love this girls effort and attention to details!

NYFW OOTD Speaking of details…

NYFW 40's Street StylePaparazzi!

photo-14A surprise to run into “Hung”.  He spotted us across the floor at the show!

New York Fashion Week 40's Street Style

Details The view from behind while I give an interview.  Frazzled, hair falling, thank God for hats!

Designers and Labels:

Sequin Jacket: Vintage, from eBay Seller: Thriftwares

Skirt: Vintage, from eBay Seller: Thriftwares

Necklace: Vintage

Earrings: Vintage (from my Mothers collection!)

Hat: Vintage from Orlando Vintage

Handbag: Chanel

Shoe: Lanvin

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