OOTD: How to Dress Like Megan from Mad Men

GingerSnaps How to Dress Megan Mad Men

Today I am featuring a Gray Wool Jumpsuit, likely from the late 60’s/early 70’s.  During a recent Netflix binge (my go-to activity when it is below freezing outside), I got caught up on Mad Men.  This jumpsuit totally reminds me of something that Megan would wear.  While I still remain a proud member of Camp Betty, Megan does have INCREDIBLE style.  During the recent Snowstorm Juno, I found myself searching my archives of unshared photos to find some outfits that would were seasonably appropriate; I immediately thought of this look.  Irony would have it, however, that these photos were actually taken IN THE DEAD OF SUMMER on one of the very hottest days of 2014.  Eraj, the photographer, was either completely unsympathetic or just excessively excited about this jumpsuit (the latter which I can totally understand), because he insisted poor Willa put it on and shoot it outdoors under the direct, blaring sun.  I still feel guilty for even suggesting she put on something as unforgivingly warm as this.  Per usual, the ever-positive Willa knocked the look out of the park.

(Thanks to both of you for this amazing capture!)

The jumpsuit is special for many reasons: I love the way the trimming frames the bust, the flattering empire waist and sleeveless design gives the jumpsuit seasonal versatility and also acts to balance the volume of the over-sized palazzo cut of the pants.  I accessorized with a necklace I picked up at a bazaar in Istanbul, embellished gloves from Zara, and the perfect spherical purse from a street vendor in Mumbai.  The shoes complete the lady-like look with their kitten heel and delicate, sparkly bow.

Outfit Details:

Jumpsuit: Vintage from Golyester LA

Gloves: Zara 

Necklace: From Istanbul Street Market

Earrings: Vintage 

Purse: Label Unknown From India

Shoe: Caparros


Photography by: Eraj Asadi, http://500px.com/erajkasadi; Styling by: Ginger, www.Ginger-Snap.com,

Model: Willa Staats (@willa_baby)

GingerSnaps Gray Vintage Humpsuit

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