OOTD: Mod Madness and Retro Swim Caps


Today’s OOTD is a collection of all of my very favorite things in one post.  On a hot day in July, there was no more perfect time to shoot todays Mod Madness OOTD in Retro Swim Caps with the gorgeous Sasha.  Which brings me to Favorite Thing #1: Sasha (the little sister I never had). This shoot looks like it is straight out of a Kate Spade advertisement.  I can’t get enough of it.

Favorite Thing #2: Kate Spade Novelty Bags, including the frog and the hot air balloon in today’s OOTD. I have talked about these bags endlessly on GingerSnaps.  I literally have to have them all and have already acquired over half of the adorable designs.  I should be getting a bulk discount already!  The frog and hot air balloon were the first two styles I purchased.  The hot air balloon, like all of the styles, are made so well; while quirky in shape, they were engineered to sit on a flat surface easily and remain securely closed. The best part about the frog, other than its adorable face, is that it is large enough to carry more than a credit card and lipstick.  I recently wrote about another of the larger novelty bags: this pineapple bag in my “I Heart Fruit Fashion” post.  It will most certainly be added to the collection before the summer is up… Hint, hint…

Favorite Thing #3: these incredible rainbow eel skin boots by Sergio Rossi.  I don’t even know when these came out (I bought them on consignment), but they SCREAM Ginger.  It’s not easy to make a knee-high boot that is perfect for summer, but Sergio Rossi rose to the challenge.  They were actually a birthday present to myself back in May; I have made a habit of always getting myself something ridiculous for my birthday, something that no man could possibly know how to buy for me.  These boots were that wild gift-to-myself this year.  Seriously, who would buy these things? (Except for me, of course.)

Favorite Thing #4: My orange-and-white, color-blocked swimsuit from TopShop.  I found this suit two januarys ago while visiting London, however this year TopShop released it again as well as a black and white version.  How adorable is the scalloped edge and retro shape of this swimsuit?

Favorite Thing #5: my 1960’s multi-color plaid spring jacket.  This thing can be worn as a spring jacket or completely buttoned-up as a dress.  It is the epitome of girlie fashion.  My favorite part are the clear lucite buttons– OMG, the details in the 60’s.  I am also obsessed with the 1960’s mini-trpaeze dress Sasha is wearing. Favorite Thing #6: fashion of the 60’s.  But that’s probably already clear to you if you follow GingerSnaps at all.

Favorite Thing #7: retro swim caps.  A couple of months ago, I purchased these vintage swim caps for a photo shoot collaboration with Jankele.  In case you don’t remember, she is the designer behind all of the amazing swimwear and headpieces in the Magical Creatures Fashion Show I have been sharing over the last few weeks.  These are the first swim caps in my collection, but they will certainly not be the last.  Indeed, I have since developed a kind of obsession with the hard-to-find item.  True to my sparkly nature, I just couldn’t resist embellishing one of them with Swarovski crystals.

Favorite Thing #8: the 1950’s multi-color rhinestone necklace I am wearing.  Rhinestone necklaces from the 1950’s are so are to find anymore, but you NEVER find one with various colored stones like this one.  I picked this one up at a Etsy Market on Newbury Street in Boston recently.  They have an incredible selection of jewelry– check it out.

There are so many more favorites I could talk about here, but I will let the photos do the talking.  Thanks to Sasha for shooting with me again this summer!  I can’t wait to share all the gorgeous pics we created together.  You will of course remember Sasha from her earlier posts on GingerSnaps.   Just in case, I included a link to them below :) I also included I a few snaps of me wearing the swim caps at a Dirty Havana Themed Party earlier this summer in the Hamptons.  Enjoy!

Sasha in a Multi-Color Bikini (Click here)

Sasha as a Spanish Matador (Click Here)

Outfit Details:

On Sasha:

Dress: Vintage circa 1960’s

Swim Cap: Unknown

Earrings: Vintage circa 1980’s

Bracelets: Forever 21

Frog Handbag: Kate Spade

Shoe: Michael Kors

On Ginger:

Coat: Vintage circa 1960’s

Swimsuit: TopShop

Swim Cap: Unknown

Necklace: Vintage circa 1950’s

Earrings: Vintage circa 1980’s

Bracelets: Unknown

Hot Air Balloon Handbag: Kate Spade

Boot: Sergio Rossi


Photography: Chris Knight, www.ChrisKnightPhoto.com

Styling: Karen Weaver, www.Ginger-Snap.com 

Model: Aleksandra Seragnoli




_IMG1227 _IMG1206 _IMG1248




Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 12.51.26 PM

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