Polka-Dot FEVER!: Playing Dress-up in Vintage Christian Dior


Is there anything cuter than polka dots?  With summertime heating up, I decided to (some might say) OVER-utilize the print and give you a polka-dot outfit so cute it may make you cross-eyed.  But, what the hey, “Outre” is my middle name.

This Party Dress is a Vintage Christian Dior that I simply could not walk away from last summer.  It needed some serious tailoring (my poor mother says she was seam-ripping for hours) but the result has become one of my very favorite vintage couture pieces.  I layered it over a red and white polka-dotted vintage dress to make it that much more voluminous and polka-dot-ed.

The shoes are a DIY that I created with stickers (believe it or not).  Originally created for a Burning Man Costume, I have worn them out a few times and they certainly make a statement.  Love them or hate them, they always earn a second look.

If you typically stray away from the trend, take a peek at this guide based on body-type… you just might find yourself a new-found fan!


Those of you who are a wee-bit on the short side should also stay with small-medium sized polka-dots.  Tall women… yeah, you can get away with just about any gauge dot.


If you were blessed with voluptuous hips, stick with medium-large polka dots on the top half, and smaller polka-dots on your bottom-half.


Women with broad shoulders have to be careful with medium-large polka-dots on their top-half.  While it can sometimes work… it is generally better to stick to a smaller-sized dot for the printed blouse.

NOT Michelle Obamas’ Arms 

Just like the broad-shouldered sisters, for those of us (LIKE ME!) that carry our weight in our arms, do not accentuate such by wearing medium-large polka-dots.


While polka dots can be worn at any age, I do find that smaller versions work best for the more mature lady.

Time of Year

The polka-dot is the perfect print to incorporate no matter who/what size you are, but I do find the summer-time their best season.  Think sundresses and ascot scarves tied in your hair or in a bow around your neck– fabulous!  Although it is tempting to be overeager and bust out the spring wardrobe in February, beware of the medium-large scale dot in cooler climes, as it can make you look a bit unseasonal.  If you simply must have them year-round, the size of the dot should decrease with the temperature.







I kept the theme of “Cute Overload” all the way through to the accessories.

The feathered flower atop my head is in the most exquisite contrasting teal color.  Because this look is so over-the-top I decided it was a free-for-all when it came to the color palette.

Pearls and rhinestones adorn with my selection of jewelry.


Finishing it off, I chose lace finger-less gloves and belted with not one, but TWO high-waisted belts.  The corseted Kiki De Montparnasse cincher  is girl-ed up with the over-sized hot pink belt by H&M.

This heart-shaped purse It just might be the perfect date purse as it is useless for carrying anything other than a lip-gloss and cab-fare and NO LADY should need more than that when she is being taken out on the town by a suitor.



The DIY sparkly, starry shoes are worn over tights with tiny pink hearts– it’s like a Lisa Frank look for a grown up!  _MG_3196-Edit

Dress: (Top) Vintage Christian Dior, Dress: (Layered Underneath) Vintage from eBay Seller: vintagelovelove88, Pearl Necklace: Vintage from Mafalda, Mafalda-ny.com, Lace Gloves: Forever 21, Bow Belt: H&M, Corset Belt: Kiki de Montparnasse, Fascinator: Emma B, Hosiery: Forever 21, Heart Purse: Forever 21, Shoe: TopShop (embellished with star stickers)

Photography by: Chris Knight, www.chrisknightphoto.com

Styling by: Ginger, www.ginger-snap.com

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