Rainy Day Reflections…


Reflections in the Rain

Once upon a rainy day in New York City,

while sitting by the window

the paper-thin silk of my gown clinging to my skin with the humidity of the damp air…

I sat watching a reel of my dreams

from behind the blur of raindrops chasing one other down the glass.

Down… down…

I was wishing,


My ears were ringing from the sound of an internal orchestra

the melody composed by my deepest thoughts

playing over the percussive “click” of a camera…

Each and every click…


capturing the perspective of another

rendering images, exposed reflections of my soul

that later I would have no choice but to confront…

On, this, another rainy day,

from the window of a New City…

blurry with precipitation that would soon wash my soul…





Today I am returning from a long break posting on GingerSnaps to share the first of many upcoming posts focused around the rain…

Yesterday, I arrived in a new city to begin a new chapter in my life.  Since my arrival, the rain has been falling relentlessly, forcing my mind into a reflective state.  My contemplations have taken me on a journey over the past year, preparing my soul for this new beginning.

I wrote the above poem this morning after coming across these photos taken by my dear friend, Eraj Asadi.  Eraj has photographed me many times from my favorite seat: by the window in my old apartment, perched on top of New York City.  I hope these images and reflections will inspire you to take your own mental inventory today so that you may awake anew tomorrow, energized with the anticipation of all this beautiful life has in store for you.

I’ll be back soon, on the other side of a dream…










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