Sexy Senoritas, the Peplum Trend, and the Justin Timberlake/ Jay Z Concert

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This past weekend I attended the Justin Timberlake and Jay Z concert at Yankee Stadium along with (pretty much) the rest of Manhattan.  So, as most of you already know, ‘shit was cray”.  Jay Z is a given, but I was skeptical of Mr. Timberlake.  Much to my surprise, I had forgotten about how many of his songs I have loved over the years.  Namely, the one that goes “Senorita, I feel for you.  You deal with things, that you don’t have to…” Justin Timberlake is basically a big nerd that would have probably been working at Microsoft if he wasn’t such a talented musician…  which makes him that much cooler.  Nerdy cool: Yes, yes, YES!

Which brings me to todays post, a Vintage Victor Costa Peplum Dress that is (you guessed it) up for sale on my eBay Store.

Buy the Dress HERE

This Sassy Senorita Number features one of my favorite recent trends: Peplum.  Peplum gives you an hour glass silhouette, even if you don’t have one.  And if you DO have the curves, it just showcases them more.  Peplum = Awesome.





The jewelry is mostly vintage, except for the Forever 21 “Aztec” Gold Plate Necklace.  The fan is from a Chinese Market; it makes an amazing noise when you open it (like a real flamenco dancers’ fan does).  I embellished it with rhinestone encrusted roses for a Burning Man costume last year… check it out:



The hat is an amazing piece I bought for my Kentucky Derby Themed Birthday Party a few years back… you can see more pics of that party here:





The shoe is super versatile because of its deep red and purple hues; it can be worn with pinks, reds, and purples.  It is by Louis Vuitton (of course).


Dress: Vintage Victor Costa, Belt: Betsey Johnson, Necklace: (Top) Vintage, (Bottom) Forever 21, Earrings: (Top) Vintage, (Bottom) Vintage, Fan: Handmade, Hat: Unknown, Shoe: Louis Vuitton

Photography by: Chris Knight,

Styling by: Ginger,

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