Sexy Summer Bikini Series: Part One


This morning I arrived at JFK in a long-sleeved shirt.  I will admit that, amongst the crazy packing storm that is my room these days, it was the only clean shirt I could find. #ihatemoving HOWEVER, can I just state the obvious WTF of the moment in NYC: How are we already having chilly evenings/early mornings and it is ONLY MID AUGUST!!???  Do I need to remind the cruel NYC Weather Gods that summer didn’t even arrive until late JUNE!?  Could we catch a break, please?

Reality is, with Labor Day a mere two weeks away, summer is (sadly) almost over :(  Of course, there is always Miami.  In fact, I have just arrived and will be bathing on the sands of South Beach with my bestie (and GingerSnaps Favorite): Alyona.  For a preview of my weekend, check out this post of Alyona in a Sexy, Retro Bikini from the 1960’s: Meow.

As summer slips away, I wanted to help inspire you to maximize your summer sex appeal by sharing several Sexy Summer Bikini Outfits.  Here to help is GingerSnaps newcomer (and younger cousin of Alyona, ironically): Miss Sasha.  This was her first time ever shooting professionally and she is ONLY 15!!  Thanks for taking the time to dress up for GingerSnaps, Sasha.  One day soon, I will be saying, “I knew her when…”

Todays OOTD was built around an awesome Flamingo Towel I found at Forever 21.  I have long been obsessed with Flamingos.  In fact, when I was 9, my mother threw me a Flamingo Themed Birthday Party.  God, if I could only find those photos…  May be the best #TBT of all time, stay tuned.

The Multi-Color Bikini is from Victoria’s Secret.  I can’t believe they FINALLY carry their swimwear in stores.  I have been ordering from their catalogs since college, and they make the most flattering bikinis.  I paired the bikini with colorful, youthful accesories and pink-framed glasses.  Seriously, how adorable is Sasha in this?  LOVE.

Outfit Details:

Bikini: Victorias Secret, Necklaces: (Short) H&M, (Long) Aldo, Rings: Forever 21, Glasses: Forever 21, Towel: Forever 21

Photography by: Chris Knight,, Styling by: Ginger, 






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