Sgt. Pepper Style: Vintage Christian Dior Coat on

GingerSnaps Dior Runway 1

Today I am sharing the first of two looks that I styled in the spirit of Sgt. Pepper.  The idea of “Sgt. Pepper Style” is a reference to the eighth album of The Beatles, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”.  The group wrote the entire album from the perspective of a fictional Edwardian-Era military band, originally conceptualized by Paul McCartney.

Todays’ Sgt. Pepper Style OOTD, is built around a vintage coat by Christian Dior.  The strong silhouette created by the over-sized shoulder pads along with the Coat of Arms make this piece evocative of the fashions worn by The Beatles imaginary Sgt. Pepper Band.  Next, I chose to layer under a second blazer-style jacket by Liz Claiborne made from a beautiful blue and gold paisley silk.  Underneath the double-layer of outer-wear, I am wearing a shimmering sequin mini-dress by Catherine Malandrino that matches the identical sheen of my blue “Creeper” Shoes by Modern Vice.  All three of my necklaces are vintage from various eras, my favorite of which is the longest one that is actually a magnifying glass.  I can only imagine the chic socialites of advanced age for which this accessory was created.  In addition to the necklaces, I also chose to stack on various gold-tone vintage rings; gold tones are generally associated with the military trimmings of the Sgt. Pepper Bands’ iconic  style.  My vintage hat reminds me of a feminine version of a “bowler hat”.  First made popular in the early 19th Century by businessmen in finance, Bowler Hats are currently enjoying a comeback and are available for both men and women at stores like ASOS and TopShop.

In case you haven’t heard through my social media accounts, I have recently been rigorously posting many of the fashions from my blog for sale on my eBay store:  Below you will find the links to buy several of the items in todays Sgt. Pepper Style OOTD, including my Vintage Dior Coat, Vintage Liz Claiborne Blazer, and my Sparkly Catherine Malandrino Dress– check out all of my listings HERE at:

Vintage CHRISTIAN DIOR Coat (Buy it HERE.)

Vintage LIZ CLAIBORNE Paisley Jacket (Buy it HERE.)

Catherine Malandrino Sparkly Blue Mini-Dress (Buy it HERE.)

Outfit Details:

Coat: Vintage Christian Dior circa 1990’s, BUY IT HERE on

Blazer: Vintage Liz Claiborne circa 1980’s, BUY IT HERE on

Dress: Catherine Malandrino, BUY IT HERE on

Hat: Vintage circa 1940’s

Necklaces (All): Vintage

Rings (All): Vintage

Shoe: Modern Vice “Creepers”


Photography: Jennifer Young, @loveislovejennifer

Styling: Karen Weaver, @GingerSnapsNYC

GingerSnaps Dior Runway2

GingerSnaps Dior Runway 1

GingerSnaps Dior Runway 4

GingerSnaps Dior Runway3
GingerSnaps Dior Runway7





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