Sh*t Parents Say, Subway Swag, and What it Means to be a New Yorker

GingerSnaps Subway OOTD 2

My parents recently visited me in The Big Apple.  While they were here, my father tells me that next time he visits he would like me to dress him in some “Subway Swag”.  Parents say the damned-est things sometimes, don’t they?  Upon further questioning, I realized he was referring to the photo (below) I had posted on my Instagram months ago of a guy on the subway.  The photo was  hashtaged: #SUBWAYSWAG.  There are days when I think I may give up on the aspiration to become a successful blogger; any entrepreneur has their moments of doubt.  But, it is often silly moments like these, where I am reminded of the unwavering support of my parents, that I am able to kind the energy to keep moving forward to achieve my dreams.  What can I say?  I’m a lucky girl.

Today I am sharing my own #SUBWAYSWAG in this J Crew Hot Pink Blouse and Forever 21 Black and White Striped Skirt.  These pictures were taken from across the Penn Station Subway Platform and I think they truly capture what it is like day-to-day as a New Yorker.  It’s the small things we take for granted that are the same things so many people travel from around the world to experience with awe and excitement.  For some, the New York Subway Stations are a place to find fashion inspiration.  For others it’s the first audience for what will become a multi-platinum singing career.  But, whatever it is, no matter how many times you descend into their dark, secret stages, I encourage you to not take the experience for granted.

Earlier this year I complained to a friend that “New York isn’t inspiring to me anymore” to which she replied, “Maybe it’s your time to be inspiring it.”  As New Yorkers, we can become jaded, it’s true.  But it’s easy to snap back into the blissful reality of the dream that is being “a real New Yorker” if you just stop, look around, and take a moment to be inspired amongst the rush.

New York subway rider shows off his fashion

New York Subway Fashion at Penn Station

New York City Subway Fashion

Times Square subway in my #subwayswag

New York subway checking my iphone

The accessories include vintage earrings I found on eBay, a bag by Forever 21, and the “Grafitti Shoes” by Christian Louboutin.Vintage earrings complete subway swag

New York Subway Fashion Forever 21 Handbag

Blouse: J Crew, Skirt: Forever 21, Earrings: Vintage, from eBay Seller: lalaantiquejewlry, Handbag: Forever 21, Shoe: Christian Louboutin

Photography by: Chris Bowers,

Styling by: Ginger,

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