St. Patrick’s Day OOTD, The Jumpsuit Trend, and Art Deco Jewelry

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Two things everyone seems to be talking about lately– jumpsuits (especially of the vintage variety) and, well, the color green.  Today, I am sharing some GREEN Style inspiration to get you ready for your St. Patrick’s Day Festivities.  Admittedly, St. Patricks Day is not nearly as obnoxious a holiday since I moved from the Irish Bar Haven of Hells Kitchen.  In fact, I lived DIRECTLY ABOVE AN IRISH BAR when I was a Hells Kitchen resident.  Back then there were three options for March 17: a) be out of town b) crash on the couch of a friend or c) lay awake all night only to walk my dog in green-hued vomit the following morning.  Now, a resident of lower Manhattan, this day is just an excellent excuse to glam up a green jumpsuit.

In the spirit of the Irish (because I love them so much) I styled myself and Alyona both in a green, black, and white color scheme.  I also took the opportunity to show you how I do the jumpsuit trend.

If you are without a kelly green jumpsuit,  You can check out last years St. Patrick’s Day OOTD here.

OOTD Details:

My green jumpsuit is from the 80’s (as if you couldn’t tell).  Designed by Liz Claiborne, it is a bit of an intimidating silhouette to pull off, even for me.  I can’t say I would actually wear this in my every day, but it certainly makes a statement for the holiday.  I styled this same jumpsuit a different way, which I will post later this week.  Stay tuned.

Alyona is wearing a modern jumpsuit by Alice and Olivia.  Unfortunately we forgot to take a close-up of my favorite part of this piece, which is the sheer detailing on the back.  I took a quick snap of it, check it out below.  I also love its unique, corseted, leather top.

Above and beyond the jumpsuit and color scheme, this OOTD features another of my absolute favorite vintage trends: ART DECO JEWELRY.  I love it so much, I am actually eager for the days when it will go OUT OF STYLE so it will be easier to find.  Art Deco was first popularized back in the 1920’s, but it still influences jewelry and architecture design today.  Because of it’s beauty and the recent release of 20’s inspired films like The Great Gatsby, finding genuine Art Deco pieces from the 1920’s has become extremely difficult. I think I am going to have to cover this trend more in depth later, but, in the meantime, definitely check out the close up of the two pieces I am wearing in todays OOTD below.  You can also read more about The Art Deco Trend of the Gatsby Era in this post inspired by the movie.

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On Alyona (Right):

Starting from the top, Alyona is wearing her signature head scarf.  (You can see wearing a headscarf a different way back in The Great Gatsby Post from Last Year.  Her earrings are vintage amoeba earrings from the 1960’s and her bracelet is an Art Deco inspired piece from Forever 21.  Her belt and purse are vintage.

On Ginger (Left):

Topping off my accessories is my craziest green vintage hat (the same one I also wore in Last Years St. Patrick’s Day Inspired OOTD).  I am wearing vintage Art Deco necklaces with modern-day Art Deco earrings from Forever 21.  Along with my crazy hat, my SHOES are also total eye catchers.  These Black and White, Ace of Spade, Patent Leather Pumps are by Irregular Choice.  You may remember a similar crazy pair of pumps by the brand that Jeanne wore in this Vintage OOTD Post from last year.  Look closely, as they have the coolest heel EVER!

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photo 2-13

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Designers and Details:

On Ginger:

Coat: Vintage

Jumpsuit: Vintage Liz Claiborne

Necklace (Both): Vintage Art Deco from 1920’s

Earrings: Forever 21

Hat: Vintage

Belt: Forever 21

Purse: Vintage

Shoe: Irregular Choice

On Alyona:

Coat: Vintage

Jumpsuit: Alice and Olivia

Belt: Vintage

Earrings: Vintage

Cuff: Forever 21

Head Scarf: H&M

Purse: Vintage

Shoes: **


Photography by Chris Bowers,

Styling by Ginger,

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