#TBT: The Neo-Victorian Revival of the The Bonnet


Today I am sharing a #TBT of a Neo-Victorian look that I shared last summer; this look was inspired by Little Bo Peep and features a Victorian revival headpiece: The Bonnet.  In my recent post of Neo-Victorian looks from the House of Findings Fashion Show last year, I spoke in length about how the various headwear that was all the rage in the days of Queen Victoria, including the bonnet.

In today’s Neo-Victorian OOTD, I am fortunate to be featuring three true-vintage treasures from the Victorian Era.  I purchased two of these from the looks featured in “The New Victorians” Fashion Show: a classic Victorian Bonnet and a beaded Victorian cape.  The other piece, a late-1800’s gold locket, is from Ralph Laurens’ private Collection of vintage jewelry.  In case you weren’t aware, finding anything in any condition from the late 1800’s boarders on impossible. The look begins from the top with the Victorian-Era bonnet and the Victorian-Era gold locket.  Next, I chose to layer the beaded Victorian cape over my the sexy, see-through La Perla lingerie I am wearing as a top, to keep it (somewhat) discrete.  I paired them both with a full skirt and peep-toe Christian Louboutin booties that, along with the bonnet, are the pieces that really invoke the essence of Little Bo Peep.

Outfit Details:

Cape: Vintage circa late 1800’s

Sheer Leotard: La Perla

Skirt: Vintage circa 1950’s

Belt: (Top) Vintage circa 1960’s (Bottom) BCBG Max Azria

Bonnet: Vintage circa late 1800’s

Necklace: Vintage circa late 1800’s from Ralph Laurens’ private collection of vintage jewelry

Handbag: Vintage Gucci circa 1970’s

Bracelet: (Both) Vintage circa late 1800’s

Shoe: Christian Louboutin


Photography: Chris Knight, www.ChrisKnightPhoto.com @ChirsKnightPhoto

Styling: Karen Weaver, www.Ginger-Snap.com  @GingerSnapsNYC

GingerSnaps Sexy Bo Peep NeoVictorian OOTD 2

GingerSnaps Sexy Bo Peep NeoVictorian OOTD 1

GingerSnaps Sexy Bo Peep NeoVictorian OOTD 4

GingerSnaps Sexy Bo Peep NeoVictorian OOTD 3

GingerSnaps Sexy Bo Peep NeoVictorian OOTD 5


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